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  • Fish Feeder Pro - automatic fish feeder

  • The Fish Feeder Pro is ideal for lovers of Koi Carp; sophisticated feeding for this kind of fish is important to maintain optimum growth and colouration.  The automatic feeder has been developed specifically to supply fish with the exact quantity of food they require, up to 20 times per 24 hours.  Dosage and frequency can be digitally programmed quickly and easily via the supplied digital controller.

    The Fish Feeder Pro is supplied with 4 different worm drives to cater for different food types.  As all the food will be eaten, the pond environment will not be overloaded and fish will remain healthy.  This automatic feeder is capable of housing up to 3 Litres of fish food and the various feeding drives will cater for a wide range of fish food types including flake feed and grain feed.

    The design of the Fish Feeder Pro container and drive mechanism will prevent moisture from entering and contaminating the food.  Supplied with weatherproof, low voltage transformer and wall/ground mounting.

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The Fish Feeder Pro is an innovative fish feeding system that allows for a high volume of feed to be stored and feed to be automatically dispensed at timed intervals. This feeding system allows for accurate control of food amount and feeding regularity through a digital controller. The user can set number of feeds, time period between feeds and doses per feed, all over a 24 hour period that repeats daily.

The feed container has a large 3 litres storage capacity and is sealed to prevent moisture build up spoiling the feed. There is a transparent window on the front of the feed hopper which shows the level of food remaining within the container. The Fish Feeder Pro is supplied with 4 feeding roller mechanisms, each specifically suited to a different food type and size. Particle, pellet and flake can be dispensed. The roller mechanism with fins is designed to dispense flake feed, and the worm screw mechanisms will dispense particle and pellet feed. There are 3 worm screw dispensers for different particle sizes. Pellet and particle from 3mm to 12mm in size are dispensable with the wider worm screws better suited to larger feed items.

The fish feeder can be programmed to feed up to 20 times per 24 hour period and feed times can be set at most regular intervals of every 30 minutes. As well as automated feeding, a manual feed can also be initiated at any time via the control box. The amount of food discharged per feeding interval can also be regulated by setting the number of doses applied per feed interval, between 1 and 9 revolutions to regulate the amount of food dispensed.

Regular dose feeding is a better feeding practice than bulk feeding, as fish will be less inclined to leave food uneaten if it is introduced in small doses throughout the day, rather than in one large application where the fish can eat their fill. Uneaten food will breakdown, causing water turbidity and excessive nutrient in the water, which leads on to other issues such as ammonia spiking and algae growth.

The Fish Feeder Pro is ideal for use as an everyday automatic fish feeder, but is also particularly useful for temporary use, such as feeding when nobody is at home for prolonged periods, holidays, or spell of bad weather when hand feeding is not possible.

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Fish Feeder Pro - automatic fish feeder

  • £285.60 inc. VAT


    £238.00 exc. VAT

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