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  • Harmony Radial Water Sculpture - Red

  • The Harmony Red Radial Water Sculpture has been thoughtfully hand crafted to produce a spiralling flowform, inspired by the yin-yang symbol and ancient principles of Feng Shui.  The pumped water emits from one side of the sculpture to form complex wavelets and spiralling water flow.   The Harmony feature demonstrates how opposing forces can complement and interconnect with one another.  The Harmony sculpture is ideal for any garden or outdoor area but particularly in meditative or therapy spa settings, due to its calming water sound and movement.  See Video below.

    Due to hand crafting, please allow around 2-3 working weeks for construction and delivery.

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The sculpture is supplied with a specially designed water reservoir which can be built into excavated soil and includes a support plinth for the sculpture and a separate removable hatch for accessing the supplied pump.  The top section of the pebble pool can be decorated with marginal water plants if desired or covered with pebbles, slate chippings or aggregate of your choosing.

The Harmony is formed from a blend of granite and red silica stone, giving it a unique red hue.

  • Package includes Droplet Pebble Pool reservoir, pump with 10m cable and pump connection kit.
  • Also available in CreamGreen and Grey colour variations.
  • Harmony Sculpture Dimensions:  52cm Diameter (approx. 20").
  • Droplet Pool Dimensions:  L101cm x W82cm x H41cm (approx. 40" x 32" x 16")
  • Sculpture Weight:  26Kg (57lbs).  Droplet Pool Weight:  12Kg (26lbs).

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Harmony Radial Water Sculpture - Red

  • £912.00 inc. VAT

    £760.00 exc. VAT

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