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Gordon Low Pond Liners

Gordon Low Pond Liners

Gordon Low Products Ltd are the UK's leading supplier of flexible rubber pond liners. All Gordon Low liners are procured from the best manufacturers and all carry comprehensive guarantees against manufacturing flaws and premature degradation. Pond and Lake Liners are fabricated to the maximum specification and quality control guidelines while the manufacturing process causes minimal environmental impact.

Water Garden UK offer a comprehensive range of pond liner materials to suit all applications and budgets including Gordon Low PVC, SealEco Greenseal EPDM, Butyl pond liner, Firestone EPDM and Bonar Yarns Heavy Duty 250 gsm Geotextile Protective Underlay.  Accessories include bonding adhesives and Cold Glue Tape.

Tailor-made box welded liners provide very neat, crease free lining solutions which are an excellent option over single flat sheet liners, which can create less attractive folds in vertical sides and corners.  Bespoke liners from simple circles and rectangles to more complex designs with marginal shelves, steps and sumps can be built within 5 -7 working days at Gordon Low’s state of the art manufacturing facility.

Gordon Low offer exceptional product knowledge and customer support gained in over 50 years trading and Water Garden Ltd are proud to be a trusted stockist, retailer and distributor of their superb pond lining products.

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