PondoSolar Air 150 Plus - Solar Air Pump
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  • PondoSolar Air 150 Plus - Solar Air Pump

  • The PondoSolar Air 150 Plus is a solar powered pond aerator, ideal for small ponds up to 1500 litres.  Multiple aerators can be added for larger ponds if desired.  The compact design allows the air pump to be directly mounted to the rear of the solar panel and the set includes 2 metres of microbore hose and a porous airstone.  The air stone will produce a stream of bubbles in the pond water and the bubble will diffuse oxygen and aid water circulation.

    • 80 Litre/Hour Air Pump (Solar Panel mounted)
    • 1 watt - 6V Solar Panel with ground stand/spike
    • 3.7V / 2000mAH lithium-ion battery to provide aeration during twilight and night-time.
    • 2 metres of 4mm bore silicon hose
    • 12 Month Warranty.
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    £46.80 inc. VAT

    £39.00 exc. VAT

PondoSolar Air 150 Plus operating modes

PondoSolar Air 150 Plus connection

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