Single Membrane Rainbow LED Mister
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  • Single Membrane Rainbow LED Mister

  • The Single Membrane Rainbow Mister will provide a fog of misty water vapour on the surface of water and is perfect for use in small ponds and indoor water features. This product features a single mist producing membrane and colour changing (Red, Yellow and Blue) LED lights. The LED lights cycle on a pre-programmed pattern and cannot be paused on a single colour. This product also features a water level sensor that will cut power to the mister in low water levels to prevent over-heating.

    In good weather conditions you can expect an approximate mist coverage area of around 0.7 metres in diameter when using the Single Membrane Rainbow Mister. For optimum mist generation, mist makers should be installed between 25mm and 40mm below the surface of the water and the best results are achieved in windless conditions. The mister can also be suspended in optimum depth below the surface of the water using a mister float (not supplied).

    This mist maker is supplied with a single membrane LED mist head, 10 metres of low voltage cable and a 230v indoor transformer that must be housed in a weatherproof container if installing outdoors.

    24V AC Voltage Output, 29 Watts.

  • Quantity:

    £57.60 inc. VAT

    £48.00 exc. VAT

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