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  • UltraLuxx RGB LED Deck Light Add-On - 24w

  • The UltraLuxx RGB Deck Light Add On is a colour changing variant of the UltraLuxx Warm White LED Deck Light.  At 400 lumens output, this is one of our brightest multicolour lights yet.  Designed to be recessed into walls and decking, the UltraLuxx RGB deck light is a versatile means of creating concealed illumination. Due to the IP68 rating, this deck light can also be used to illuminate the base or sides of a pond, rill or waterfall. Their powerful and durable CREE LEDs ensure the water is bathed in vibrant colouring.  This product is part of our 12V Plug & Play lighting range, allowing simple connection to compatible lightsextension cables or controllers.  

    This product is designed to be used in conjuction with the UltraLuxx RGB LED Deck Light Master set, which is required in order to operate the colour changing aspect of this product. 

    The glass lens measures 58mm in diameter. The total upper diameter including the stainless steel chamfered top measures 100mm. The removable outer sleeve measures 91mm in diameter and stands 175mm tall. Removing this reveals the spring clips, which are made for locking the light into gaps of 85-95mm.

    The UltraLuxx RGB Deck Light needs a 12v Transformer (Not Supplied) that supports more than 24w. 

    • 400 lumens output (similar to 50w Halogen with colour lens attached)
    • Only 24 watts consumption using 9 x CREE LEDs (3 Red, 3 Green, 3 Blue)
    • 30 Degree beam angle
    • 5m of low voltage cable & Plug & Play threaded terminal supplied
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UltraLuxx RGB LED Deck Light Add-On - 24w

  • £209.20 inc. VAT

    £174.33 exc. VAT

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