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Garden & Pond Lighting

The Plug & Play Lighting video helps to explain how these versatile, low voltage lights and accessories can be used in your garden or pond area.  The practical and powerful OASE Lunaqua 10 Pond Lights are also featured.

  • Lunaqua 3 LED

    The Lunaqua 3 spotlights from Oase are a low power variant of their halogen brothers. The video shows a single spotlight illuminating a waterfall with a warm white.
  • Lunaqua 10 Halogen

    The Lunaqua 10 Halogen spotlight from Oase provides warm white illumination. The video displays 3 of these spotlights beneath a small pond and waterfall.
  • Lunaqua 10

    OASE Lunaqua 10 fully submersible halogen & LED lighting systems. Complete guide to product selection, component assembly and product maintenance.
  • Plug & Play LED Garden Lighting Systems

    Helpful introduction to plug & play LED garden lighting systems and selecting the components required to install a plug & play lighting network in the garden.
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