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  • LunAqua Power LED XL Light - 15 Watts

  • The LunAqua Power LED XL are a powerful, high intensity white LED submersible light for outdoor and underwater illumination. These high performance lights are available in 4 types according to the required light spread beam angle; XL Flood (30°), XL Spot (15°), XL Wide Flood (44°) and XL Narrow Spot (10°).

    These ultra-bright 15 watt LED fixtures also come in two light colour temperatures; 3000K which produces a bright warm white glow, and 4000K which emits an intense, crisp cold white light.

    LunAqua Power LED XL Lights are pre-wired with 5 metres of 24V power cable and require connection to the separately supplied LunAqua Power LED Driver. Up to 2 LunAqua Power LED XL lights can be supported per driver and 10m Extension Cables can be used to extend reach if required. A maximum of 4 extension cables can be used per LED light, for a total reach of 45 metres.

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OASE LunAqua Power LED XL Lights – More Information

Product Description

The LunAqua Power LED XL are a powerful, A+ energy efficient 24 volt LED light which comprise of 8 Power LED fittings integrated into a single light unit. These high-performance LED lights are for use outdoors or underwater. These LED lights part-form an 'all-submersible lighting system', whereby all components including the LunAqua Power LED Driver (supplied separately) can be installed underwater or above ground.

These products feature special watertight screw & gasket connections which link the lights to the driver. This connection allows the system to be permanently immersed in water. Up to 2 LED lights (at 15 watts each) can be run from a single driver, which can support up to 30 watts in total.

The LunAqua Power LED XL Lights come supplied with 5 metres of 24 volt cable for connection to the driver. These cables can be extended by a further 10 metres with the use a LunAqua Power LED Extension Cable if required. Up to 4 extension cables can be connected per LED spotlight to enable a spotlight to be positioned up to 45 metres away from the driver.

The lights are supplied on a bracket for aim and angle adjustability, with a ground spike supplied for staking into soft ground. A LunAqua Mounting Base is also available separately which will convert the lights to free-standing units for use on hard ground or underwater in lined ponds where staking is not possible.

LunAqua Power LED XL Lights are guaranteed for 2 years as standard, with and additional OASE extension period of 1 year, for a total warranty period of 3 years. The average life expectancy of these LED lights is 50,000 hours of running life.

LED Light Types

XL Flood 3000 & 4000

The LunAqua Power LED XL Flood offers a generous spread of light with a beam angle of 30 degrees. This light is ideal for illuminating large, open outdoor areas, trees hedgerows and sub-surface illumination of large ponds.

XL Spot 3000 & 4000

The LunAqua Power LED XL Spot has a beam angle of 15 degrees and is a good all-round spotlight for illuminating ponds, garden areas, water features and fountains. This is the ideal choice for general outdoor and pond lighting where a bright lighting effect is required.

XL Wide Flood 3000 & 4000

The LunAqua Power LED XL Wide Flood has the widest beam angle of this range at 44 degrees. This LED light is ideal for illuminating over vast areas of garden landscape and pond areas below water.

XL Narrow Spot 3000 & 4000

The LunAqua Power LED XL Narrow Spot has the most slender beam angle at 10 degrees. This powerful spotlight is ideal for focussed illumination of features, high jet water fountains or distance lighting at long range.

Colour Temperatures


3000K is typically referred to as warm white light. This temperature is comparable with the light colour of household halogen light bulbs and is generally considered the more 'traditional' lighting effect. 3000K lights are often the choice for illuminating greenery, foliage and traditional stonework, as well as garden ponds and features. All types of LunAqua Power LED XL are available with 3000K LED fittings and produce 1250 lumens. 


4000K is known as cold white, or sometimes neutral white. This light temperature produces truer, crisp white illumination and is generally considered more 'contemporary'. 4000K lights work well with water features, fountain jets, reflective surfaces and shiny metals such as stainless steel, but can also be used with great effect underwater and in garden areas. All types of LunAqua Power LED XL lights are also available in 4000K which produce 1350 lumens.

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Additional Information

Technical Info

Technical Info

OASE LunAqua Power LED XL Lights - Technical Information

OASE LunAqua Power LED XL Lights

XL Flood 3000

XL Spot 3000

XL Wide Flood 3000

XL Narrow Spot 3000

XL Flood 4000

XL Spot 4000

XL Wide Flood 4000

XL Narrow Spot 4000

Spotlight Dimensions

L145mm x W160mm x H182mm


24V DC

Power Consumption

15 Watts

Energy Efficiency


IP Rating

IP68 (fully submersible)

Cable Length

5 Metres



OASE Guarantee

2 Years + 1 Year Extended (3 Years Total)

OASE EGC Compatibility


Illumination Type


Number of LED Per Spotlight





Colour Temperature

3000K (Warm White)

4000K (Neutral/Cold White)

Beam Angle Degrees









OASE Part No.










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LunAqua Power LED XL Light - 15 Watts

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