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Pond Construction Advice

The useful Pond Construction video helps you to consider the various elements which form a pond and help to guide you along the way, from planning & design to construction & finishing.  Of course, if you need any advice regarding pond construction or the equipment required to maintain the pond, please contact our team of friendly experts at Water Garden Ltd.

  • Black Waterfall & Landscape Expanding Foam

    Multi-purpose expanding foam for watercourses and streams. Use to fill cavities between rocks, directing water down the stream.
  • Passing Pipe Through Liner with Universal Pipe Sleeve

    Step-by-step instructional video shows how to pass a rigid pipe through a pond liner and create a seal using the Firestone Universal Pipe Sleeve and QuickPrime Plus.
  • Joining Sheets of Liner with QuickSeam Splice Tape

    Instructional video shows how to join sheets of pond liner using 75mm wide QuickSeam Splice Tape and QuickPrime Plus.
  • Pond Construction Time Lapse

    Our pond liners and underlay are easy to install and very durable. Available in many sizes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Pond Construction Time Lapse

    An instructional video showing the building of a pond and watercourse.
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