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Pond Skimmers & Aerator Units

Skimmers & Aerators: Pond Algae Control

Maintaining your water quality is a crucial part of pond keeping. A Surface Skimmer will remove floating debris such as leaves and pollen from the water surface before they sink and start to decay. A Pond Aerator will diffuse dissolved oxygen to the water, creating a healthy environment for fish. Water Garden supply a wide range of test kits for determining the parameters of the water and specific water treatments for adjusting these parameters where necessary. Green water can eliminated using OASE UV Clarifiers which flocculate single celled pond algae, passing this mass onto the filter system for removal.

Maintaining Pond Water Quality

Aquatic Technology from OASE is the very best on the marketplace today, helping to keep water quality in top condition.

A Pond Skimmer will continuously remove floating debris such as leaves from the water surface, preventing these from settling on the bottom, blocking the filter pump or decomposing. Removal of floating litter will keep water clean and healthy.

An aerator will increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water during warmer months, whilst the rising column of air bubbles also keep an area of the surface clear of ice allowing toxic gases to escape.

Filters, UV and pumps will mechanically and biologically achieve clear water by removing single-celled pond algae (green water) and both solid and soluble organic waste. Tests/treatment kits and Pondovac vacuum cleaners maintain a healthy eco system.

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