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  • Lunaqua 10 LED Underwater Spotlight

  • The high performance, impact resistant Oase Lunaqua 10 LED spotlights are ideal for illuminating large ponds and water features. These spotlights are as well suited to commercial fountain projects as they are to garden ponds and water features.

    The Lunaqua 10 LED can be submerged underwater up to 4 metres deep or installed on dry land and are each fitted with 10 watt warm white, long-life LED platen that can be disconnected and replaced if required. The Lunaqua 10 LED are supplied with spikes for mounting in soft ground or can be used on hard ground or pond floor using the Lunaqua Mounting Base (not supplied). Alternatively the flexible bracket supplied with the spotlight can be secured to a flat surface allowing the spotlight angle to be adjusted.

    The Lunaqua 10 LED requires connection to the Lunaqua 10 fully submersible transformer and connecting cables (not supplied) and up to 4 spotlights can be directly connected to a single underwater transformer. The total power of a single transformer system can be up to 150 watts, meaning up to 15 Lunaqua 10 LED spotlights can be connected using the 7.5m connecting cables and cable splitter (not supplied) and cable reaches up to 60 metres can be achieved from each transformer outlet.

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  • Other products you will need to complete your lunaqua 10 LED lighting system

    Submersible Transformer - 150w max
    Underwater Transformer for Lunaqua 10 incl. 10m Cable

    £124.80 inc. VAT

    £104.00 exc. VAT

    Underwater Transformer for Lunaqua 10 incl. 20m Cable

    £135.00 inc. VAT

    £112.50 exc. VAT

    Connection Cables
    Connection Cable 12 volt 2.5 metre

    £30.60 inc. VAT

    £25.50 exc. VAT

    Connection Cable 12 volt 5 metre

    £33.60 inc. VAT

    £28.00 exc. VAT

    Connection Cable 12 volt 7.5 metre

    £38.40 inc. VAT

    £32.00 exc. VAT


The Lunaqua 10 LED is a flexible system ideal for brilliant warm white illumination of large fountains, water features, lakes and large ponds.

The components you will need to set up this LED lighting circuit are:

1. Spotlights → 2. Underwater Transformer → 3. Connecting Cables



Optional accessories that may also be of use include:

1. Lunaqua 10 LED Cable Splitter → 2. Spotlight Mounting Base → 3. Stainless Steel Spotlight Stand



The robust Lunaqua 10 LED spotlights are connected to the separate UST 150 Submersible Transformer which can support up to 4 Lunaqua 10 LED spotlights connected directly or up to 12 Lunaqua 10 LED spotlights connected in a star configuration using the separately available Lunaqua 10 LED Cable Splitter and 7.5 Metre Connecting Cables. Each transformer outlet connection can run up to 8 LED spotlights in a chain sequence using the 7.5 metre cables and splitters. See installation examples below:



For direct connection to the transformer, a maximum of 4 spotlights can be connected via the separate connecting cables for the Lunaqua 10 LED system. The cable options available are 2.5 Metre Connecting Cable5 Metre Connecting Cable  and  7.5 Metre Connecting Cable.

If splitting the cable via the cable splitter to more than one spotlight or extending a cable run using the cable splitter, only the 7.5 metre cables can be used. This is to prevent voltage drop across the cable run.

The connecting cables all feature special watertight connections suitable for full, permanent water submersion. These cables all feature rubber gaskets and the special connecting ends screw together. The Lunaqua 10 LED spotlight screws into the chosen cable and this cable then screws directly into the transformer which is also fully submersible. See connection examples below:



The Lunaqua 10 LED are supplied on sturdy reinforced plastic brackets suitable for securing to your chosen surface area. The spotlight angle can then be adjusted on this bracket to focus on the chosen area for illumination. The spotlights are also supplied with mounting spikes for staking into soft ground.

The Oase Lunaqua 10 LED spotlight can also be mounted on the separate Spotlight Mounting Base or Stainless Steel Spotlight Stand allowing the spotlight to free-stand on a flat surface without being secured. This type of mounting is ideal for installation in lined ponds/lakes and harder surfaces where ground securing or stake mounting is not an available option. See example of spotlight base and stand installations below:


This high-end Oase LED lighting system is perfect for larger private projects such as large water features, high fountain jets or lighting in lakes or large ponds. These products also suit commercial applications due to their versatility, robust build and high-performance.

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