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ByoFix Beneficial Lake Bacteria

Does your lake suffer from water quality issues?  Bad odours, turbid water and algae infestation are all likely causes of excess nutrient at the base of the lake which, if left unmanaged, will create long term issues.  Golf courses, private and public lakes in addition to irrigation lagoons and attenuation ponds can all suffer from problematic water quality, particularly if there is an influx of nutrient-rich water from interconnecting streams or from agricultural runoff.

Water Garden Ltd have an excellent solution in the form of ByoFix Lake Bacteria which is both cost-effective and easy to apply.  Each 1Kg treatment is suitable for up to 1000m2 of lake surface area and contains 5 x 200g water soluble bags which can simply be thrown into areas within the lake.  Once applied, this beneficial aerobic bacteria will start to rapidly replicate and begin to digest organic waste at the base of the lake.  The harmless bacteria cannot be overdosed and is completely safe to fish, plants, birds and other wildlife.  Repeated dosing will help maintain the lake waters over the longer term.

Aerobic bacteria will work most effectively in oxygenated water bodies so Water Garden Ltd highly recommend the use of floating or subsurface aerators to accelerate the bacterial breeding process.  Aerators will also help to reduce stagnant zones and will de-stratify water, bring cooler water to the surface which will further inhibit algae growth.

Our ByoFix Lake Bacteria is generally held in our stock at all times for prompt turnaround and application.

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