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  • Out of Stock.  We recommend the alternative 3/4HP Floating Aerating Fountain.
    • Versatile, adaptable floating fountain for large ponds and lakes.
    • Complete system includes pump, low visibility float, 30 metre/230V Cable and Cable Joint Kit.
    • Supplied with 4 Fountain Nozzles & Mixer Nozzle (requires manual assembly to change patterns).
    • Can be easily converted to a horizontal mixer with angular adjustable discharge.
    • Flow Rates up to 115,000 Litres / Hour.
    • Each Aerator is capable of aerating ponds and lakes up to 2000m² (0.5 acres).
    • Operates in water depths of 41cm (16”) or greater – ideal for problematic shallow water zones.
    • Simple to install and can be easily repositioned after installation if needed.
    • Market-leading Oxygen transfer rates.
    • Energy efficient means of circulating and oxygenating pond and lake waters.
    • 0.5 Horsepower single phase 230V Motor.
    • Effectively controls algae, aquatic weeds and foul odours as well as creating horizontal currents – thus deterring insects and insect breeding in otherwise stagnant water zones.
    • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

    Optional Illuminated System also available.  Click here to view.

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  • Mike Barron
    The 5-in-1 fountain was a good recommendation although much more expensive than our budget. It is the right size for our fairly large pond and has made a huge difference to the clarity of the water. It is well made and
    5 stars

Additional Information

Technical Info

Technical Info

Technical Details for 5-in-1 Aerator Fountain & Mixer System.

5-in-1 Aerator Fountain:  Nozzle Performance Data.

5-in-1 Aerator Side View

5-in-1 Aerator Gemini Nozzle5-in-1 Aerator High Volume Nozzle5-in-1 Phoenix Nozzle5-in-1 Aerator Rocket Nozzle5-in-1 Aerator Mixer

½ HP 50Hz


High Volume




Spray Height (m)



Upper:  2.8m

Lower : 1m



Spray Diameter (m)



Upper: 0.3m

Lower: 3m



Flow L/Hour






Oxygen Transfer (kg/HP/hr)






Volt/Ph/Amp 2750 RPM @ 50hz






*1/2HP Mixer volume influenced is 6938m3 and effectively moves water 35 linear meters.

5-in-1 Aerator Fountain:  Technical Dimensions.

5-in-1 Fountain Dimensions














5-in-1 Aerator Fountain:  Mooring Suggestions.

5-in-1 Fountain Mooring Suggestions

Mooring of the Aerator can be easily achieved using heavy duty fishing wire and suitable ballast such as concrete slabs (not supplied).

When setting up in horizontal mixer configuration, 3 mooring tie points should be used to prevent the unit from moving across the pond or lake water surface.










5-in-1 Aerator Fountain:  Product Components.


5-in-1 Mixer and Fountain configurations

1.  Complete set includes corrosion resistant adjustable spray impellers to produce 4 different spray patterns and a horizontal mixer.

2.  Rugged, low visibility foam filled polyethylene float with recessed light pockets (2 x 20w 12V Submersible Halogen Spotlights and Transformer with 30 metre power cable available separately in the optional LED Light Set for 5-in-1 Aerator Fountain).

3.  Oil cooled, efficient 2750 RPM custom built motor incorporates a silicon carbide single seal to ensure dependability and long service life.

4.  Corrosion resistant, durable 18 gauge / 316 grade Stainless Steel motor housing.

5.  Stainless Steel brackets allow for easy conversion between aerating fountain patterns and mixer model.

6.  Adjustable discharge angle of +/- 8 degrees in horizontal  mixer configuration. 

5-in-1 Floating Aerator Fountain

  • £5,192.00 inc. VAT

    £4,326.67 exc. VAT

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