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Introducing our brand new range of New Rainbow Sandstone, Shark Sandstone, Slate and Acrylic water features in a variety of styles, from spheres and bowls, to tall columns. All our new water features are supplied as complete package sets with a suitably sized water reservoir, steel support grid, water pump, connecting pipework and attractive stones in a choice of materials to cover the steel grid. The option of an integrated white LED light is also available for many of our new water features.

Belmont Trio 1

Belmont Stone Water Spheres

Our new stone Belmont water spheres are available in both Rainbow Sandstone, with beautiful sedimentary stratum patterns, and layered Slate with a variety of colour tones and ridges. These remarkable hand carved water spheres are available in sizes 40cm, 50cm and 60cm diameter. The Belmont spheres have a narrow hole running through the centre, and produce a bubbling plume of water at the top, which gently cascades around the sphere. There is also a Belmont Trio in Rainbow Sandstone which consists of all 3 sizes of sphere operating from a single pump. All of the Belmont water spheres can be supplied with or without a flush mounted LED light in the top of the sphere.

Layered Slate Belmont Water Sphere

Belmont Water Feature Rainbow Sandstone

Bliss Rainbow Sandstone Spheres

The beautiful Bliss Rainbow Sandstone spheres have a large opening at the top, through which water floods over and and rolls down the sphere. These open water spheres fill up with water, producing a very tranquil, flat surface overflow. The Bliss are available in Bliss 50cm and Bliss 60cm sphere diameter. The inside of the Bliss sphere can be filled with decorative stones, or simply allowed to operate as an open water sphere. The Bliss sphere open outlet does not allow for integrated illumination, but these stunning spheres can be illuminated very effectively with Outdoor LED Spotlights.

Bliss Rainbow Sandstone Water Feature

Foras Bliss Rainbow Sandstone Sphere Water Sphere





Fusion Acrylic Water Orbs

The Fusion is a transparent, reflective acrylic orb, elevated on a circular stone plinth and stainless steel riser column. Water completely fills the Fusion orb and cascades around the outside surface of the sphere. The stone plinth creates a secondary cascade as the water runs off the edge of this and back to ground. The Fusion water feature is available in Fusion 45cm diameter and Fusion 60cm diameter and can be supplied with an integral warm white LED light which illuminates the whole acrylic orb from within.

Fusion Orb Water Feature

Fusion Orb Water Feature Illuminated



Sturgeon Slate Water Sculptures

The Sturgeon is a tall, rounded water sculpture carved in natural Slate. The column discharges water at the top, which then runs down all sides of the sculpture. Scale-like ridges are carved into the column, which cause a gentle rippling of the water as it cascades down. The impressive Sturgeon is available as a single sculpture Sturgeon 100cm tall, or as the Sturgeon Duet, consisting of the 100cm tall feature alongside a second smaller 70cm matching Sturgeon sculpture. The Sturgeon water feature can be supplied with an optional warm white LED light which sits inside the top of the outlet hole, illuminating the boil of water emitting from the top.

Sturgeon Water Feature

Sturgeon Duet Water Features Night Time







Sandstone Bowls on Slate Plinths

The Highland water feature consists of a Sandstone water bowl mounted atop a real Slate plinth, standing a total of 70cm tall. The top bowl is 42cm in diameter and comes in a choice of Rainbow Sandstone, or Grey Shark Sandstone. Water is pumped through the centre of the Sandstone bowl, producing a gentle ripple, and runs down the sides of the slate plinth back to a water reservoir below ground. This feature is especially appealing to garden birds that visit to make use of the elevated water source in the shallow water bowl. The Highland can be supplied with a white LED light fitted within the top bowl, or without an LED light if preferred.

Highland Water Feature Shark Sandstone

Highland Water Feature Rainbow Sandstone






Acorn Sandstone Water Bowls

The Acorn is a smaller Sandstone babbling, overflowing bowl water feature at 45cm diameter and just 15cm deep. The Acorn is supplied in either Rainbow Sandstone or Grey Shark Sandstone, both of which are rich with attractive striations and patterns created over years of layering sedimentation. As well as being a beautiful water feature, the Acorn also provides a convenient drinking bowl for animals visiting the garden. The Acorn can be supplied with a white LED light to illuminate the rippling water in the bowl. The Acorn is a lighter weight Sandstone feature at 25kg, making this more manageable than some of the larger stone features.

Acorn Water Bowl in Shark SandstoneAcorn Water Bowl in Rainbow Sandstone








Rainbow Sandstone Pure Water Bowl

The Pure is a spectacular, large, deep Rainbow Sandstone water bowl. At 75cm diameter and 40cm deep, the Pure holds a considerable volume of water inside the attractive Rainbow Sandstone bowl. Decorative pebbles can be used to part fill the water bowl which makes this beautiful piece all the more interesting. The Pure water bowl overflows very slowly, and depth of water inside the pure bowl tranquilises the flow so that the surface water remains very still and mirror calm as the water rolls over the rim of the bowl. Illumination is an optional addition to further enhance this unique water feature.

Pure 75 Cascading Water Bowl

Pure Rainbow Sandstone








Infinity Serene Sandstone Water Bowls

The Infinity Serene is a large, shallow Sandstone water bowl. There are 2 sizes of Infinity Serene water bowl available in Rainbow Sandstone, the smaller bowl being 50cm diameter, and the larger bowl 90cm diameter. The larger 90cm Infinity Serene water bowl is also available is stunning Shark Sandstone, which is a darker grey material full of unique natural tones and patterns. The Infinity Serene is an overflowing bowl, with a large water reservoir installed beneath to contain and circulate water through the centre hole of the water bowl. The optional white light make a nice addition to this water feature.

Infinity Serene SharkInfinity Serene Rainbow Sandstone Water Feature








Rainbow Sandstone Wing Sculpture

The Wing is a taller, slender Rainbow Sandstone sculpture available at 100cm tall, and a slightly shorter 75cm high version. The stylish Rainbow Sandstone Wing has a tear shaped aerofoil based profile, hence the name Wing. Water gently boils at the top of the Wing sculpture, and cascades gently down the curved flanks, which are awash with pretty tones and unique markings that are a prominent feature of Rainbow Sandstone. An LED light at the top of the Wing feature is an optional addition, which subtly illuminates the boil of water at the top in an attractive neutral white glow.

Wing Rainbow Sandstone Water Feature

Wing Rainbow Water Sculptures








Complete Water Feature Kits

All of our new water features are supplied as complete kits with a below ground water reservoir, a steel support grid, a water feature pump, a flow control valve and the necessary pipework and fittings to set up the water feature.

These water features are also supplied with decorative pebbles to cover the steel grid, and there are a choice of 6 different pebble types to compliment your water feature, which can be selected when you make your purchase.

Water Feature Pebble Types

Please see our Water Sculptures department for more information on any of our new water features and feel free to Contact Us if any assistance is required.


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