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Everyone knows that water is essential for life as we know it to exist. And that’s as true for distant planets as it is for your garden. If you’re wondering whether installing a small pond in your garden could end up attracting more wildlife to it, the short answer is absolutely. In this post, we’ll go into a few of the details about how this works as well as what types of wildlife you can expect to attract.

Why Animals Are Attracted to Garden Ponds

When you maintain even a small pond in your garden, you’re essentially extending an invitation to the wildlife that live in your area. Even in moist habitats, a constant supply of clean, fresh water is a special thing. Everything from flitting dragonflies to frogs and even hedgehogs are going to take notice.

Depending on where your property is located, you could attract a few more elusive species as well. Birds may stop by for a quick splash. And you may even catch sight of the occasional fox or badger stopping by for a drink.

Approximately one in ten British gardens has a pond. That means that there are upwards of 2 million across the UK. Many of these become vital resources to local wildlife populations. That makes it all the more important that you properly care for and maintain your garden pond. You’ll be performing a service for the animals that live in your neighbourhood.

What Types of Animals Will a Garden Pond Attract?

We’ve already mentioned a few of the animals you can expect to find visiting and even living in your garden pond. Here is some more in-depth information:

  • Birds – Our feathered friends will be amongst the first to make use of your pond. They’ll come to drink as well as to bathe. The latter can be downright adorable, but it also serves a valuable function in helping birds to preen and better waterproof their feathers.
  • Frogs – It doesn’t take long for local frogs to find out there’s a new pond in town. They’ll come here to spawn, and the tadpoles will feast on algae and even insect larvae in your pond. 
  • Hedgehogs – There’s nothing quite as satisfying as having a local hedgehog adopt your pond. They’ll use it to drink, forage and maybe even to swim. For that reason, create a gentle slope on one side of your pond so that hedgehogs don’t get trapped inside.
  • Newts – Similar to frogs, newts are amphibians that may lay eggs in your pond. Some newt species are endangered, so creating suitable habitats for them is all the more important. If you would like to see more newts in your pond, it needs to be free of fish. You can also plant some of their favourite foods: water forget-me-nots, water speedwell, flote-grass and watercress.

If you are hoping to attract more wildlife to your garden with a pond, be sure to have a look at our online shop. We supply pond liners, pumps, filters and so much more.

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