Profilux 24V Connecting Cable
  • Profilux 24V Connecting Cable

  • Waterproof 24 volt connecting cable for the Oase ProfiLux 24V high performance underwater LED lights. Connects the ProfiLux Basic LED XL W Flood /01​ and the ProfiLux Basic LED XL W Spot /01 to the Underwater Power Supply 250.

    Up to 4 cables can be connected directly to the underwater power supply for connection of up to 4 ProfiLux 24V LED lights. The connecting cable features a special waterproof connector at either end providing a fully submersible seal at both LED light and transformer entry. These cables are suitable for immersion in fresh water, pool water and salt water down to a depth of 4 metres and can also be installed on dry land.

    This waterproof 24 volt connecting cable is available in 1 metre, 3 metre, 7.5 metre and 15 metre cable length which allow for neat, compact arrangement of closely spaced lights and extended reach for lights situated further from the underwater power supply.

    The Oase Profilux 350 LED Spotlight and Oase Profilux 1100 LED Spotlight pre-wired 4m cable can also be extended by using the Connecting Cables and a Profilux 24V PowerBox

    Please allow around 7 working days for delivery of Oase ProfiLux 24V LED lights and accessories.

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Profilux 24V Connecting Cable

  • £46.80 inc. VAT

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