Decking Lights - Energy-Efficient & Versatile LED Deck Lights

Led Deck Lights

Water Garden offer high quality LED recess mounted deck and garden lights. Ideal for garden pathways, patios, driveways and water features.

A highly practical use for deck lighting is to highlight potential hazards i.e. steps or drops such as a veranda edge.  Deck lights are generally installed in a linear, symmetrical pattern equally spaced apart.  Our deck lights coupled with our cable accessories allow you to create long chains of deck lighting all powered from the same single transformer. Our 10m & 15m Connection cables feature screwcap outlets equally spaced along the cable and can be further extended by simply connecting another 10m or 15m cable.

Water Garden Ltd offer recessed mounted lights in warm white, cold white and blue. Our range offers energy efficient LEDs which only consume between 0.5 - 1 watt per light, whilst our Larger UltraLuxx LED lights consume 18 and 24 watts each and are more suited to larger gardens, landscaping or commercial installations.  For an added effect the UltraLuxx RGB Recessed lights can be remote controlled allowing you to select a number of different colours, phases and brightness.






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