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Aerators and Air Pumps

Oxygen is crucial in a fish stocked pond but will also help to break down nutrients within the pond, thus playing an important role in biological regeneration. Introducing air into the pond by means of a pond aerator is an effective way of increasing the dissolved oxygen content. Air pumps will force ambient air down small silicon hoses, through porous air stones where the rising columns of air bubbles will diffuse oxygen into the water as they rise to the surface. Summer is the most crucial time for aeration as the warmer water cannot support as much oxygen as cooler water would. In the winter, the rising bubbles will keep and area of the pond free of ice, allowing toxic gases to exchange at the surface.

Aerators are a superb, multi-functional addition to any pond or lake. The primary function of a pond aerator is to introduce oxygen into the water column which in turn will also help to move the water, reducing stagnant zones.  Aerobic bacteria (beneficial ‘friendly’ bacteria) will thrive in oxygen rich conditions and will help to break down unwanted nutrient which would otherwise adversely affect the pond water quality.  Furthermore, aerators also help to keep pockets of the pond water surface clear of ice during the winter, thus allowing otherwise toxic gasses to exchange at the surface.  Aerators are also an excellent back-up in Koi and fish stocked ponds, should the filtration pump fail during use.

Water Garden Ltd stock and supply a wide variety of aerators and air pumps to suit the smallest fish pond up to large ponds and lakes.  As a general guide, a pond requires approximately 100 litres of air per hour for every 1000 litres of pond volume.  However, a fish pond and its inhabitants will benefit greatly from any introduction of oxygen so this guide can be loosely followed.  For example, our AP3600 Air Pump Kit (3600L of air per hour) would be well suited to a pond of up to 36,000 litres but can be used on a smaller or larger pond to assist in oxygenating and circulating the water.

In the case of an air pump with submersed diffusers, it’s important to note that the deeper the diffuser is submersed, there will be a reduction in the flow of air from the pump.  However, it is usually more effective for the diffusers the be set deep, as the air bubbles will have more time to diffuse their oxygen content.