AP3600 Pond Air Pump Kit - Ponds up to 36000 Litres
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  • AP3600 Pond Air Pump Kit

  • Water Garden's AP3600 Air Pump Kit will help to aerate and circulate ponds up to 36,000 Litres.  The Aerator pump will add vital oxygen during the summer time but will also help to keep pockets of water ice free during the winter months, allowing toxic gasses to exchange at the water surface.  Ideal for aerating ornamental, fish and Koi stocked ponds.

    The AP3600 Air Pump System includes the following:

    • 1 x 60L/Minute (3600 litre/hour) low noise weatherproof Air Pump
    • 1 x Rubber connection pipe and clips for 6 way steel manifold connection.
    • 1 x 6 way steel manifold with individual flow regulator taps
    • 2 x 5 metre Black Ø4mm Air Hose
    • 2 x 4mm non-return check valves
    • 2 x Ø150mm high performance circular air stones
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  • Quantity:

    £149.99 inc. VAT

    £124.99 exc. VAT

Power consumption:  55 watts

230V Cable Length:  1.5 metres.

Noise Level:  35dB.

Air Pump warranty Period:  12 Months.

Air Pump Dimensions:  L203mm x W165mm x H153mm.

The AP3600 can be connected with up to 3 x OASE Oxytex 1000 CWS Pond Aerator units for oxygenation, circulation and biological filtration of the pond water.

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