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Pondless Waterfalls

Our Pondless Waterfall sets are simple, easy to install, low maintenance, and come with everything to create a relaxing, pond free garden feature.



Pondless Waterfall are designed to be easy to install, low maintenance features that will integrate into your garden or outdoor space to create an attractive, tranquil or exciting waterfall feature without the need for an exposed pool of water. Pond free features work by creating an underground reservoir that is filled with load bearing Maxima Blocks and a pump chamber that will create a matrix of empty space covered over with rocks, stones or aggregate that still allows a free flow of water into the pump.

This system will allow the flow of water from the waterfall to disappear seamlessly into the ground to then be recirculated back to the top of the feature by a pump located inside the supplied underground pump chamber.  Pond Free Waterfall features look most attractive when the water course spillway is elevated above the reservoir area and the stream is decorated with larger rocks, steps and plants to create a beautiful and relaxing pond free garden feature.

Stream Bed Construction Infographic3

Pump Vault 60000 Installation Graphic3(watermarked)

Pondless Waterfall Sump Infographic(watermarked)

Pondless Waterfall Sump Infographic2(watermarked)

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