If my pond freezes over, will my fish die?

If my pond freezes over, will my fish die?

During the winter months, there is a likelihood that the top of your pond will freeze over. This can cause issues due to a barrier being created, preventing gas exchange. Oxygen will not be able to be absorbed into the pond and nitrogen and other gases will be unable to escape.

To reduce this issue, we suggest creating an opening in the ice by pouring warm water in an area on the pond surface. Do not break the ice through impacting it as this will send shockwaves into the water, stressing your already weakened fish. An ice preventer is a great piece of equipment to create and maintain an ice-free area.  Pond heaters can be expensive to run so a pond aerator may be a more cost-effective method of keeping pockets free of ice on the surface.  Air pumps and aerators are also very beneficial during the warmer months by circulating and oxygenating the water so are an excellent year-round solution.

If the pond freezes over and is left in this state for some time, there is a high risk of toxic gases building up within the water such as Hydrogen Sulfate. If left too long this will almost certainly harm any livestock that the pond holds.

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