My UV Clarifier isn't working. What's wrong?

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My UV Clarifier isn't working. What's wrong?

Assuming the new bulb is not damaged and the filament is intact, the 1st place to check is the quart sleeve (the protective glass tube which prevents water from touching the bulb and the sensitive electronics inside).  Check to see if there are any signs of moisture or water ingress inside the sleeve. If water as entered beyond the quartz sleeve, you may have damaged the ballast unit (the part with the electrical cable attached).  The ballast unit contains sensitive electronics which are very unlikely to survive in water.

If the moisture entered very recently, then you may be able to dry out the ballast and bring the unit back to life.  Firstly, disconnect the electrical power and remove the quartz sleeve and rubber o-ring and then remove the UV bulb. Clean and dry these parts thoroughly.  Using a hairdryer on low heat setting, try to dry out any moisture or, place in a sunny location or close to a radiator for a few hours. Once all signs of water have been removed, reassemble the parts and retest.  If the unit still does not function, it is likely that a new Ballast Unit will be required.  It’s important to ensure the sealing rubber o-ring is in perfect condition and the quartz sleeve show no signs of chips or cracks which may have been the original reason for the moisture entering.

Finally, it is important to note that most UV Clarifiers are fitted with a safety microswitch to prevent powering up of the UV light which could cause intense pain or permanent damage to your eyes.  If the UV clarifier is not fully assembled, the safety switch will not be engaged and the UV light will not fire up. If you need further advice on your ultraviolet clarifier or fault finding assistance, call our team of experts on 02392 373735, drop us an email via our contact page or use our free live chat facility.

Water Garden Ltd supply a wide range of genuine OASE spare parts including Ballast Units, UV bulbs and Quartz Sleeves which you can find on our UV Spares department.  We strongly recommend using the manufacturer’s recommended spares to ensure efficiency and long service life.  Cheap does not normally equate to good quality!

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