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What Is A Box Welded Liner?

A box welded liner is a pond liner manufactured from a flexible lining material such as EPDM or Butyl, but rather than being a flat sheet, a box welded pond liner is made with a floor and side walls, welded together to form a box shaped liner.

These liners can take the form of a square/cube, rectangle/cuboid, L-shape, or just about any other shape. Circular welded liners can also be produced with a circle floor and circumference wall.

Bespoke welded liners can have a flat floor, or be constructed with steps to create shelves and depth differentials in the pond. Box welded liners will always come supplied with an excess flange around the top perimeter to allow for securing the liner around the edge of the pond.

This type of liner can be installed where there is already a constructed pond to provide a solid foundation. Custom made welded liners cannot be placed into soil excavated holes with no structure or framework, as there is not so much allowance for movement in a pond liner welded to a specific shape and size.

Box and Circular liners are always custom made to order, using precise internal measurements provided when the pond structure has been built. These liners are folded and/or rolled up for transportation and can simply be unfurled and fitted when delivered. These liners typically take around 2 working weeks to produce, although more complex shapes may take a little longer.

The cost of a box welded liner depends on the size of the structure, the complexity of the shape and the amount and type of material used to build the liner. A quotation for a box welded liner can be provided if accurate measurements are known.

For more information, please see Box Welded Pond Liners, or Contact Us for a quote.

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