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  • 1 Inch Brass Hose Connector

  • The 1” Brass Hose Joiner features a thin wall which is very robust whilst minimising water flow restrictions through the connector.  The brass hose connector is ideally suited for joining 1” Internal Diameter Flexible Hoses or compressed air line hoses.  We suggest securing the flexible hoses using SK19 Stainless Steel Hoseclips.

    1” Hose Joiner Dimensions (Approx.):

    • Length:  60mm
    • Outside Diameter:  27mm
    • Inside Diameter:  22.5mm

    Tip:  We suggest dipping the end of the flexible hose in a cup of very hot water for 30 seconds before pushing the hose joiner on, helping to make the hose end more pliable.  The hose joint will then cool and shrink onto the hosetail for a secure fit, once the stainless steel Hoseclip is tightened.

  • Quantity:

    £9.00 inc. VAT

    £7.50 exc. VAT

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