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  • Circular Air Stone - Ø150mm

    • Flat, circular Air Stone with large porous surface area and 4mm air line hose connector.
    • Ideal for use with the AP Series pond air pumps or OASE AquaOxy aerators to provide a wide submersed column of rising air bubbles, via connection to a suitable 4mm internal diameter air hose.
    • The rising column of air bubbles will assist in water circulation and add vital dissolved oxygen into the pond or water body.
    • Ideal for winter use to create an ice free area on the pond surface, where harmful gasses can escape.
    • Ideal for summer use to maintain oxygen levels, which can become critical as water temperature rises.
    • The circular carborundum air stone can also be used in conjunction with the optional 6 way valved air distributor to provide additional connection possibilities.
    • Optimum Air Flow rates of 15 - 20 Litres/minute per Air Stone (900 - 1200 Litres / Hour).
    • Air Stone Dimensions:  150mm Diameter / 18mm Thickness.
  • Quantity:

    £14.40 inc. VAT

    £12.00 exc. VAT

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