Activated Glass Filter Media
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  • Activated Glass Filter Media

  • Activated Glass Filter Media is a bio-resistant, self sterilising granular media for use in sand filters.  Made using pure green glass, the chemical compounds inside the glass prevent bacteria and viruses creating biofilms which protects colonies of bacteria from disinfectants such as Chlorine and Bromine.

    Activated Glass Media is ideal for use in chemical free swimming ponds and pools as a means of minor sterilisation. When used with chlorinated water the activated glass media can reduce the doses needed and also prevent Trichloramine forming which creates the pungent swimming pool odour.

    Water Garden recommend staging the grain size through the filter starting from coarse and ending in fine. This will reduce the cleaning frequency required as the media will be less likely to block. Make sure that the grain size is within your filters minimal and maximum limits as the grains can pass through the filter if they are too small.


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