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  • Directional Flow Circulating Mixer

  • The Directional Flow Circulating Mixer is designed to solve many common aquatic issues as well as helping to eliminate stagnant areas of water, increase oxygen transfer and removing debris.  Our circulating mixers are designed to be used year-round thanks to the high-performance low energy motors used and in a variety of applications from freshwater lakes and ponds to brackish saltwater area due to the use of a sacrificial zinc anode and a sturdy series 300 austenitic stainless steel construction.

    • Manufactured from corrosive resistant stainless steel
    • Includes sacrificial zinc anode
    • 10-meter power cable
    • Helps remove unwanted floating debris
    • Reduce odours by continuously moving and mixing water
    • Helps break up thermal stratification in winter
    • Prevent fish kills and ice damage to docks and piers
    • 2-year warranty
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Directional Flow Circulating Mixer

  • £3,384.00 inc. VAT

    £2,820.00 exc. VAT

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