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  • Horizontal High Flow Circulators

  • Horizontal water circulators are an ideal tool for mixing and aerating stagnant water and clearing areas affected by accumulated flotsam and floating weed rafts in fresh and saltwater applications.

    Designed for continuous operation in even the most arduous conditions, these industrial, powerful Clean Current ‘push pumps’ are capable of moving water over a great distance, and can be mounted just below the water surface to mix and agitate stagnating areas of still water in applications such as marinas, canals and narrow channels, bays and boat mooring pontoons that are sheltered from natural circulation and aeration by wind and wave action.

    These circulators can be dock mounted to a hard structure, or suspended beneath a float for open water installation. The high performance motor is sealed in a stainless steel canister and there is a sacrificial Zinc anode fitted to the propeller shaft to prevent corrosion in salt water. There is a bladed propeller guard at the front which prevents the propeller from snagging in weedy areas.

    The optimal depth for the motor is around 18” (45cm) below the water surface. The floating units have the motor suspended at the optimal operation depth. Dock Mount units can be fixed at the correct depth. The optimal pumping angle is horizontal / parallel to the lake bed so as to minimise floor sediment disruption.

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Dock Mounting

Circulator Dock Mount

An adjustable steel mounting bracket is fixed to a flat, hard surface (such as a jetty or pontoon), and fixing brackets are used to secure the motor and set the correct direction and angle of flow. This method requires a structure such as a dock, pontoon, jetty or bridge to mount the steel fixing bracket. A length of metal pipe (not supplied) around 1” in outside diameter, can be secured in the bracket, vertically, over the structure side, to suspend the motor beneath the water surface.

Float Mounting

Circulator Float Mount

For applications where there is no structure to mount the circulator too, these can also be supplied with a float, which enables the unit to be installed in open water and anchored down with tight tether ropes (supplied) and anchor weights (not supplied). The circulator motor is mounted horizontally to a steel bracket on the underside of the float, with strain relief chains connected at the front end of the float to alleviate thrust when the motor is running. Floating circulators are easy to relocate to other areas.

Correct Anchoring for Float Mount

Additional Information

Technical Info

Technical Info

Float and Dock Mount Specifications

1/2HP Circulator

3/4HP Circulator

Motor Power

½ HP (373w)

¾ HP (560w)

Motor Amps

2.2 Amps

3.5 Amps

Voltage / Hz / Phase

230 / 50 / 1

230 / 50 / 1

Power Cable Length

33ft (10m)

33ft (10m)

Minimum Water Depth

40” (100cm)

52” (130cm)

Minimum Height Above Lake Bed

12” (30cm)

24” (60cm)

Optimal Depth From Water Surface

18” (45cm)

18” (45cm)

Area of Influence (Pumping Range)

75ft (23m)

100ft (30m)





2 Years

2 Years

Circulator Correct Installation Drawing

Circulator Area of InfluenceDock Mounted Circulator Drawing


Horizontal High Flow Circulators

  • £3,384.00 inc. VAT

    £2,820.00 exc. VAT

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