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  • DuoBoost Pond Treatments

  • OASE DuoBoost water treatments have been specially designed to improve water clarity of your pond water by introducing natural compounds to encourage beneficial bacteria and strengthen the natural eco system within your pond.

    The DuoBoost treatment uses a new two phase action to release the treatment effectively.  The DuoBoost balls can be placed directly into the pond or your filtration system and they will dissolve completely over time, releasing the treatment.

    • Available in 5cm or 2cm balls
    • 250ml or 2500ml treatments
    • Included Mesh Bag
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The gel and DuoBoost balls can be placed directly into your pond or filter and will completely dissolve over time releasing the treatment.

If you pond contains fish we would recommend placing the DuoBoost balls into the included mesh bag to then be placed in the pond, to prevent any fish or aquatic animals consuming the balls.

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Technical Info

Technical Info

The DuoBoost treatment uses a complementary two phase system to introduce the treatment effectively: The first phase of treatment is a highly active bacteria and enzyme contained in the gel solution that can be added directly into your pond or filter which will aid the breakdown and removal of organic materials, ammonium and nitrates within the pond whilst also helping to activate the natural bacteria within your filtration system.

DuoBoost 1


The second phase of treatment is contained within the 2cm or 5cm diameter DuoBoost ball which will eventually dissolve totally, releasing the contained trace elements, co-substrates, minerals and additives that are important for healthy pond biology and are otherwise difficult to introduce into artificial ponds naturally.

DuoBoost 4


DuoBoost treatments can be repeated several times a year to enhance your pond biology but for more specific water quality issues such as algae or blanketweed please see our wide range of Pond Water Treatments on our site.


Container size250ml2500ml
Ball diameter (cm)522
Suitable for ponds up to max. (Litres)20,00030,00090,000
Part number781107811178112


DuoBoost Pond Treatments

  • £25.20 inc. VAT

    £21.00 exc. VAT

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