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  • Filtomatic 7000 CWS Self-cleaning Filter

  • Advanced pond filter designed by OASE Engineers in Germany, the FiltoMatic 7000 filter will automatically clean itself via feedback from an intelligent digital control panel.  The control system also measures the water temperature and will regulate the amount of Ultraviolet radiation required to tackle green water issues, providing crystal clear water quality in ponds up to 7,000 Litres (approx. 1,550 Gallons).

    • Max. pond volume 7000 litres (no fish); 3500 litres (average fish stock e.g. goldfish)
    • Produces biologically clear water with the minimum of maintenance
    • Optimum biological and mechanical cleaning reliably removes sludge, nutrients and toxins
    • Intelligent control unit monitors temperature and automatically regulates UVC and sludge disposal
    • Integrated 11 watt UVC with patented cleaning rotor and oxygen enrichment
    • Up to 40 % power savings thanks to UVC unit that is activated as needed
    • Self-cleaning function through automatic sludge discharge pump
    • OASE Clear Water Guarantee due to mechanical-biological filtration and with modern UVC technology
    • Reduces string algae by continuous removal of phosphates and nutrients
    • Guaranteed for up to 3 years (2 years standard + 1 years free of charge request guarantee)
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To achieve the optimum biological balance throughout the year a filter system should be perfectly matched to the biological activity in the pond. Through continuous and exhaustive research, Oase engineers have designed the ultimate in pond cleaning technology.

The intelligent Filtomatic CWS Filter System, with its integrated ultraviolet clarifier (UVC), automatically removes nutrient input through biological and mechanical filtration and interval cleaning. Harmful sludge, containing toxins from fish waste and problematic phosphates (the main cause of string algae) is separated and collected in the filter basin, where it is regularly removed via the integral sludge pump.

The frequency of the UVC and sludge pump operation is determined by the continuously monitored water temperature, which directly affects the fish feeding activity and plant growth, and thereby nutrient input, fish waste and vital, oxygen production in the pond.

  • Easy installation
  • Virtually invisible as the filter device can be buried to 70 % of the device height
  • Interval cleaning, UVC and pump function can also be controlled manually
  • Easy-clean function of distinctive Oase filter foams without removal from filter housing is completed in minutes
  • Innovative control unit with display for the water temperature
  • Pond keeper selects optimum program for Koi, high, medium or low fish stocking levels
  • Low-maintenance and user-friendly.

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