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  • The OASE SwimSkim 25 is an independent floating pond surface skimmer. The SwimSkim will collect floating debris from pond surfaces up to 25m², drawing leaves and other floating organics into the central basket by circulating surface water through an integral, energy efficient, 2,500 litre per hour pump.

    The collection basket is removable and features a ring which allows this to be hooked if installed out of arms reach for ease of maintenance. There is a sponge filter located beneath the basket which will intercept smaller particles that pass through; this sponge also provides a surface area for biological cultures that improve water quality.

    The skimmer outlet features a special Venturi oxygen injector which aerates water as it passes through, the combination of this unique function and the continual circulation from the pump can also help to prevent ice from covering the pond surface in the winter.

    The SwimSkim 25 CWS is guaranteed for 2 years.

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Other Features Include;

Buoyant triple float – Allow the skimmer to remain suspended on the pond surface even when heavily loaded with litter. Allows skimmer to maintain position in fluctuating water level.

Inlet flap function – Flap gate inlet controlled by pump suction, provides a smooth passage for incoming debris to enter skimmer.

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  • Jon Dicks
    Works well, quiet and not too big
    5 stars
  • Ken Ballard
    Works well, easy to empty, easy to clean. Has a mind of its own so need to anchor it down but that?s easy as well, overall it keeps the top of the pond clear and that?s just what I wanted
    5 stars
  • Anonymous
    Water needs to be clear of larger floating weeds or it blocks up and then floats up and stops working! Good for clearance of small floating debris.
    3 stars

Additional Information

Technical Info

Technical Info

Swimskim 25 Technical Details:



Dimensions in mm (L x W x H)

332 x 297 x 250mm

Power Consumption40 Watts
Cable length10 metre
Pump Flow rate2500 litres per hour
Aerator rate300 litres per hour
Suitable for pond surface area25 m² max.
Guarantee2 years



The Swimskim 25 includes an oxygen injector to provide beneficial aeration to the pondSwimskim includes a fine sponge for mechanical and biological filtration


Swimskim 25 Floating Pond Skimmer

  • £154.99 inc. VAT


    £129.16 exc. VAT

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