Goliath Super II Submersible Drainage Pump
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  • Goliath Super II Drainage Pump with Float Switch

  • The Super Goliath II is a robust pump made in corrosion resistant stainless steel plate and fibre-reinforced plastic. Its vortex impeller design allows for up to 35mm solids handling of pond debris or nuisance water. The compact design fits a sump or water reservoir measuring 250mm Ø x 250mm deep. Maximum depth of submersion is 20m.

    • Maximum Flow Rate: 15000 litres per hour
    • Maximum Discharge Head: 5.1 metres
    • 35 mm solids handling
    • 150 watts 230 volt 1 phase motor supplied with 10 metre cable
    • Stainless steel casing and reinforced plastic construction
    • Double Mechanical Seal in Oil Bath
    • Automatic on/off Float Switch
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  • Quantity:

    £331.50 inc. VAT

    £276.25 exc. VAT

Super Goliath Pump Applications:

  • Small water features
  • Cellars and basements
  • Domestic and industrial use
  • Final effluent
  • Nuisance water
  • Marine applications

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