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  • Lunaqua 10 Halogen Underwater Light

  • The high performance, impact resistant Oase Lunaqua 10 halogen spotlights are ideal for illuminating large ponds and water features. These spotlights are as well suited to commercial fountain projects as they are to garden ponds and water features.

    The Lunaqua 10 can be submerged underwater up to 4 metres deep or installed on dry land and will accept 35 watt, 50 watt or 75 watt halogen lamps. If using 75 watt lamps, the spotlights must be submerged in water due to cooling requirements. The Lunaqua 10 are supplied with spikes for mounting in soft ground or can be used on hard ground or pond floor using the Lunaqua Mounting Base (not supplied). Alternatively the flexible bracket supplied with the spotlight can be secured to a flat surface allowing the spotlight angle to be adjusted.

    This spotlight requires connection to the Lunaqua 10 fully submersible transformer and connecting cables (not supplied) and up to 4 spotlights can be connected to a single underwater transformer. The total power of a single transformer system must not exceed 150 watts, so this will allow 4 x 35 watt, 3 x 50 watt or 2 x 75 watt lamps to be used. You can mix different lamps on the system provided you do not exceed 150 watts.

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  • Other products you will need to complete your Lunaqua 10 halogen lighting system

    Submersible Transformer - 150w max
    IP68 Transformer for Lunaqua 10 Lights

    £124.80 inc. VAT

    £104.00 exc. VAT

    IP68 Transformer for Lunaqua 10 - 20m Cable

    £135.00 inc. VAT

    £112.50 exc. VAT

    Connection Cables
    Connection Cable 12 volt 2.5 metre

    £37.80 inc. VAT


    £31.50 exc. VAT

    Connection Cable 12 volt 5 metre

    £41.40 inc. VAT


    £34.50 exc. VAT

    Connection Cable 12 volt 7.5 metre

    £45.60 inc. VAT


    £38.00 exc. VAT

    Halogen Bulbs for Lunaqua 10 Spotlights
    Halogen Bulb for Lunaqua 10 12V/35W

    £7.80 inc. VAT

    £6.50 exc. VAT

    Halogen Bulb for Lunaqua 10 12V/50W

    £7.80 inc. VAT

    £6.50 exc. VAT

    Halogen Bulb for Lunaqua 10 12V/75W

    £7.80 inc. VAT

    £6.50 exc. VAT



The Lunaqua 10 is a flexible halogen lighting system ideal for intense warm illumination of large fountains, water features, lakes and large ponds both private and commercially.

The key components you require to set up this lighting system are:

1. Spotlights → 2. Halogen Lamps → 3. Underwater Transformer → 4. Connecting Cables


Optional accessories that you may also find useful are:

1. Spotlight Mounting Base → 2. Stainless Steel Spotlight Stand


The Oase Lunaqua 10 spotlights require separate halogen lamps and can be fitted with either 35 watt halogen lamps50 watt halogen lamps  or  75 watt halogen lamps  depending on the light intensity required.

The spolights are suitable for installing both in the water and on dry land if using 35 watt or 50 watt halogen lamps. If using 75 watt halogen lamps these lights must be submerged underwater to prevent over-heating.

The Lunaqua 10 spotlights connect via separate connecting cables to the separate Lunaqua 10 Submersible Transformer  which can support up to 150 watts of Lunaqua 10 spotlight and connect to up to 4 spotlights directly.

Due to the maximum power limitations of the transformer, the number of spotlights that can be connected and operated from a single transformer is limited by the watts of the chosen lamps. These lamps can be mixed (i.e. 1 x 75w and 2 x 35w) as long as the total wattage does not exceed 150w.

If all lamps are the same in terms of watts, the transformer can support 4 spotlights at 35 watts each, 3 spotlights at 50 watts each and 2 spotlights at 75 watts each. To operate more than 4 spotlights or wattage totaling over 150w would require the use of a second transformer.

The special connecting cables are available in 3 lengths, 2.5 metre connecting cable5 metre connecting cable  and  7.5 metre connecting cable and these can be selected to reach your chosen spotlight locations from the underwater transformer accordingly.

The Lunaqua 10 connecting cables feature special watertight, rubber sealed connections suitable for full, permanent water submersion and the connecting ends screw to the Lunaqua 10 halogen spotlight directly and also screw into the transformer achieving fully watertight connections. See connection examples below:


The Lunaqua 10 halogen spotlights are supplied with sturdy reinforced plastic mounting brackets for securing to a suitable hard surface. The spotlight directional angle can then be adjusted to focus on the intended lighting area. The Lunaqua 10 spotlights are also supplied with ground mounting spikes for staking into softer ground.

The spotlight can also fixed to the optional Spotlight Mounting Base or Stainless Steel Spotlight Stand  which will allow the Lunaqua 10 spotlight to free-stand without being fixed. This free-standing option is well-suited to applications where ground fixing or staking is not possible, such as in pond/lakes with rubber liners. See example of free-standing spotlights on bases below:


This high quality, flexible lighting system is perfect for larger garden ponds, lakes, large water features and high fountain jets. These Oase lighting products also suit commercial fountain applications well due to their robust build, high-performance and installation versatility.

If more information, product specification or email quotation on this system is required please call or email  Water Garden Ltd.

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Additional Information

Technical Info

Technical Info

Lunaqua 10 Halogen Spotlight - Technical Information

Spotlight Dimensions (Ø x H)145mm x 100mm
Voltage12V AC /  50Hz
Illuminant TypeHalogen
Bulb Compatibility35 Watt / 50 Watt / 75 Watt
Light Flux1250
Beam Angle24º
Protection ClassIP 68 (Fully Submersible)
Dimming CapabilityNon-Dimmable
Construction MaterialPlastic
Guarantee2 Years



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Performance Data

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Lunaqua 10 Halogen Underwater Light

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    £124.99 exc. VAT

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