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  • PumpClean Pond Pump Cleaner

  • OASE PumpClean is designed to clean Pond Pumps, UV Quartz Sleeves, Proficlear Drum Filter Sieves and pond equipment which is susceptible to limescale build-up.  The specially developed concentrated formula will eliminate lime scale before and after winter months and is free of potentially harmful Acetic Acid and Chlorine additives.

    Calcium and limescale deposits can affect the function of pond pumps as this builds up on the impeller shaft and surrounding parts, which can cause the pump to stall, cease to operate or burn out.  Water Garden recommend the use of PumpClean as a preventative maintenance measure, to ensure your pump and Ultraviolet Clarifier are operating at maximum efficiency.

    • 0.5 Litre concentrated liquid is sufficient for 10 litres of water.
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PumpClean can be added to a bucket of clean water, allowing the pump to be directly submersed and soaked in the liquid to break down any limescale deposits rapidly, ensuring smooth operation and longevity of your pond equipment.

The Quartz glass sleeve which protects the UV bulb can also be affected by lime scale build-up as this chalky residue prevents ultraviolet radiation from passing beyond the quartz sleeve to tackle the suspended algal bloom (green water).  Soaking the Quartz tube in OASE PumpClean will break down these stubborn deposits, maximising the efficiency of the Ultraviolet Clarifier and pond filter system.

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