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  • RGB Bubbler Patio Water Feature

  • Exclusive to Water Garden Ltd, the RGB Bubble Jet Patio Water Feature is a self-contained fountain for use in any indoor or outdoor setting.  The gloss white fibreglass surround encloses the water reservoir and lid, in which the fountain pump is submersed.  The pump is connected to the colour-changing LED bubble jet nozzle to produce a plume of illuminated water which dances at the surface.

    The patio water feature is simple to install and will constantly recycle the water in the reservoir when powered on.  The bubble jet nozzle features colour changing lighting and this can be controlled via the supplied handset to cycle through a raft of colours and programs or fix to one specific colour of your choosing.

    The Patio Water Feature includes the following:

    • Ø70cm x H46cm gloss white decorative surround
    • Ø60cm x H40cm Water Reservoir & Ø60cm Reservoir Lid
    • Black foam pebble edging support
    • Compact 2000L/Hour Pump with integral flow adjuster (10m mains cable attached)
    • ¾” x L50cm Flexible Hose & Hoseclips
    • RGB Bubble Jet Nozzle
    • RGB handset & weatherproof transformer (5m mains power cable attached)
    • Choice of Polished Black Basalt Pebbles or White Pebbles

    Water Garden Ltd can produce the decorative surround in any RAL colour if preferred at additional cost.  Please contact us for details.

    Please allow 4-6 Working Weeks for construction.

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    £849.99 inc. VAT

    £708.33 exc. VAT

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Technical Info

Technical Info

Assembly Instructions.

  1. Place the water reservoir tub on a flat and level surface.
  2. Place the pump inside the base of the reservoir and feed the power cable through one of the reservoir lid perimeter holes.
  3. Connect the hose to the pump outlet and onto the RGB light connector.  Shorten the hose as required so that the pump is raised and suspended slightly from the base of the reservoir.
  4. Pass the RGB lighting cable though one of the top lid perimeter holes so both the pump and lighting cables are on the top of the lid.
  5. Connect the transformer to the light cable and site this close to the outside of the reservoir.
  6. Connect the pump mains cable to a weatherproof switchbox or socket.
  7. Connect the light mains cable to a weatherproof switchbox or socket.
  8. Fill the reservoir with clean water and test the pump and RGB light for operation.
  9. Apply the adhesive feet to the base of the decorative surround in 4 equal spaced positions.  This will allow the electrical cables to pass under the surround.
  10. Lower the decorative surround over the top of the reservoir.
  11. Place the decorative stones onto the top lid and raise or lower the height of the bubble jet nozzle so this is protruding just below the pebble surface level, ensuring the jet hole is not covered.
  12. Tidy any cabling from view, sit back and enjoy your new water feature.

RGB Bubbler Patio Water Feature

  • £849.99 inc. VAT

    £708.33 exc. VAT

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