Water Garden's Exclusive Brands & Products For Pond and Garden

In addition to our top brands, Water Garden also construct and supply products which are exclusive and offered no where else on the market.  Our background in design and engineering has allowed us to provide solutions such as exclusive fountain displays and lighting systems which have proved very popular with our private and commercial clients throughout the world.

Water Garden's remote controlled RGB colour changing LED spotlights are one of our newest innovations and these lights are suitable for both garden and underwater use.  The remote controller can be used to select individual colours on each individual spotlight, opening up a plethora of personalised illumination options.

For those searching for a stunning centrepiece to their pond or lake or wishing to create a pondless water feature, our Fountain Nozzles and decorative spray rings offer a wealth of design choices.  Fountain nozzles are attachments which connect to an underwater pump and create various water jets and decorative water patterns.  

Many people do not wish to build a pond but would like the sound and sight of moving water.  Fountain Nozzles offer the ability to install a pondless fountain by creating an underground sump, which can then be covered over with a steel grid and decorative stones.  The water fountain can then be fired out of the stones to create the water display, eliminating the labour or possible safety issues involved in a pond with open water.

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary in your garden, Water Garden can help make your dreams become reality.  Feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas together.

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