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  • StreamMax Premium 4000 Pump

  • The StreamMax Premium 4000 is a variable speed aquarium circulation pump that is preloaded with multiple pre-programmed pumping modes that can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet when used with the EAC Pump Controller.  The StreamMax Premium pumps feature a magnetic mounting system that allows you to mount the pump on the side wall of your aquarium in any position quickly and easily to allow for natural and effective water circulation to prevent stagnant areas of water.

    The StreamMax Premium pumps are silent running and energy efficient while also maintaining a small enough form factor to be concealed behind your aquarium decor. 

    The StreamMax Premium Pumps require the EAC Pump Controller.

    • Can be used in freshwater and saltwater aquariums
    • Dimensions (L x W x H) : 135mm x 68mm x 78mm
    • Stream Outlet Diameter : 47mm
    • Rated Voltage : 230V / 50Hz
    • Power Consumption : 6W
    • Power Cable Length : 3.0m
    • Net Weight: 0.7Kg
    • Minimum Flow Rate : 1800L/ph
    • Maximum Flow Rate : 4000L/ph
    • Warranty : 4 Years

    Stock Due June 2019, Pre-Orders Accepted.

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    £72.00 inc. VAT

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StreamMax Premium 4000 Pump

  • £72.00 inc. VAT

    £60.00 exc. VAT

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