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  • UltraLuxx RGB LED Add-On Light 18w

  • The UltraLuxx RGB LED Add-On is a bright multi-colour 12 volt spotlight for outdoor use on land or underwater. Only to be operated in conjunction with the UltraLuxx RGB LED Master Set, multiple UltraLuxx Add-On spotlights can also be controlled using the remote control supplied with the Master Set. Add-On LED lights can be individually colour/program set via the same remote handset (Note:  Multiple RGB spotlights will not stay in colour-changing sequence with one another).

    The UltraLuxx RGB LED spotlight uses 18 watts and its impressive light output of 400 lumens is equivalent to a white halogen spotlight of 50 watts fitted with a colour filter. When used with the Master Remote, colours can be locked on any of the 16 available fixed colour options. The Master remote control will also allow on/off control and colour-changing programs such as Flash, Strobe, Fade and Smooth to be selected. LED brightness can also be increased or decreased.

    The light fixture is constructed from brass with a nickel-plated finish and clear glass lens. This light is rated IP68 for permanent underwater installation down to 2 metres water depth. The complete light source comprises of 9 x 2 watt coloured CREE LEDs, 3 x Red, 3 x Green and 3 x Blue from which all other colours can be created. The 30 degree beam provides intense focus light at close range and moderate spread illumination at distance. The plug & play power cable measures 5 metres long. 

    A knuckle joint at the foot of the light fixture can be connected to various mounting accessories which are supplied separately, such as a Mounting Base for ground footing, a Ground Spike for soft ground and a Wall Clip for vertical surface fixing. All available fixings allow the light angle to be adjusted. The optional Anti-Glare Shield acts as a light deflector and masks direct visual exposure to the light beam.

    The UltraLuxx RGB Add-On LED light requires a Transformer (Not Supplied) and can be connected and controlled via any of the available plug & play Cable & Control Accessories.

  • Quantity:

    £173.40 inc. VAT

    £144.50 exc. VAT

  • Other products you will need to complete your plug & play lighting system

    Step 2 - Select your Weatherproof Transformer
    12V Lighting Transformer - 6w Max

    £24.60 inc. VAT

    £20.50 exc. VAT

    12V Lighting Transformer - 60w Max

    £44.40 inc. VAT

    £37.00 exc. VAT

    12V Lighting Transformer - 150w Max

    £67.80 inc. VAT

    £56.50 exc. VAT

    Step 3 - Select your 12v Cables and Optional Controls
    10m Cable (4 Connectors) - 120w max

    £31.20 inc. VAT

    £26.00 exc. VAT

    15m Cable (6 Connectors) - 150w max

    £54.00 inc. VAT

    £45.00 exc. VAT

    6m Extension Cable - 120w max

    £19.50 inc. VAT

    £16.25 exc. VAT

    10m Extension Cable - 150w max

    £33.60 inc. VAT

    £28.00 exc. VAT

    3 Way Cable Splitter - 150w max

    £17.10 inc. VAT

    £14.25 exc. VAT

    Remote and Receiver Set - 150w max

    £59.40 inc. VAT

    £49.50 exc. VAT

    Add-On Receiver for Remote - 150w max

    £32.40 inc. VAT

    £27.00 exc. VAT

    Timer with Dawn/Dusk Sensor - 150w max

    £32.40 inc. VAT

    £27.00 exc. VAT

    Motion Sensor - 60w max

    £43.20 inc. VAT

    £36.00 exc. VAT


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