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  • Water Jet Lightning (Twin Jet) Set

  • This stunning pair of illuminated water jets produce continuous arches of tranquilised water. The water arches are illuminated with the specially integrated multicolour (Red, Green, Blue & White) LED lighting, creating a wonderful water and light show in any pond or water feature.

    • 2 x Lightning Jet Heads with 8 metre electrical cable per head, for simple direct connection to the 12V Control box.
    • 2 x Stainless Steel mounting bases for secure mounting & fixing of the jet heads.
    • 1 x Pre-programmed Control Unit including remote control (max range of 80m).
    • 1 x Energy efficient pump with splitter connections to both jet heads.
    • 6 metre pump connection hose for water transfer between pump & Jet heads.
    • 1 x Low voltage weatherproof safety transformer & connection cables.
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These two compact water jet heads can be positioned in various configurations. The heads can be positioned on dry land or submersed up to the water jet nozzle and are ideal for pond installation.

In addition, these innovative water jets can be used as a stand-alone water feature on a patio or garden, using our Patio & Garden Installation Pack. Please see below for more details on this item, or feel free to contact us for more details or options.

Technical Details - Water Jet Lightning (Twin Jet Set)
Water Jet Lightning Head:
Dimensions (L x W x H)150mm x 115mm x 200mm
Diameter of jet
Maximum distance of water jet
Maximum height of jet (arch height)
Power Cable Length (connection cable)
8 metres (Per jet head)
Integrated LED Lighting Colour Range
Red / Green / Blue / White
LED Lighting options
Seamless Colour change / fixed colour selection
Supplied Pump Hose Length
2 +1 Year (request) = 3 years
Weatherproof Power Supply:
Dimensions (L x W x H)
160mm x 100mm x 100mm
Nominal Voltage (Primary / secondary)
230V/50Hz / 12VDC
Cable Length (primary / secondary)
0.5m / 2m
Weatherproof 12V Control Box:
Dimensions (L x W x H)
215mm x 180mm x 305mm
Voltage (Input)
12V DC
Quantity of Outlets
2 X 3
Remote control range (max.)
Power Consumption (Watts)
Water Jet Lightning Head
Water Jet Lightning Head
High quality jet heads are supplied with adjustable stainless steel mountings for simple alteration of the water arch height.
These compact water jets can be partially submersed in a pond, mounted by a pond edge or used as stunning, stand-alone water features.
Weatherproof 12V Control Box
handheld remote control
The 12V Water Jet Lightning Control Box comes complete with ground spike and simple plug-in connections for the pump & both Jet Heads.The 12V Control Box features handheld remote control of the various pre-set colour settings and on/off control of the pump, with a range of up to 80m.

energy efficient submersible pump

The energy efficient submersible pump connects easily to the both water Jet Heads, using the supplied adjustable splitter connection.

Graph displaying the water jet height

Water Jet Lightning Set

The comprehensive Water Jet Lightning Set contains all the nessecary parts to provide a stunning, yet simple to install water feature to your garden pond.

Graph displaying the water jet height ('arch' height) and jet length possibilities for each of the innovative Water Jet Lighting heads.

The Water Jet Lightning features the following pre-set programs:

  • Program 0: Unit Off
  • Program 1: Constant Water Jet with White Light.
  • Program 2: Constant Water Jet with Changing Light.
  • Program 3: Pulsating Water Jet with White Light.
  • Program 4: Pulsating Water Jet with Changing Light.

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Technical Info

Technical Info


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Water Jet Lightning (Twin Jet) Set

  • £999.60 inc. VAT


    £833.00 exc. VAT

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