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  • WaterCourse Spring 35000

  • The WaterCourse Spring 35000 is designed to be installed at the start of a water fall or stream feature to provide flow rates up to 34,000 litres an hour. The WaterCourse Spring range is manufactures from fracture resistant, reinforced polypropylene to allow the unit to be buried and concealed under rocks, gravel, soil and plants and also features internal baffling and diffusing to spread the flow of water across the width of the water fall or stream.

    The WaterCourse Spring 35000 also features an innovative 3" threaded flanged fitting that allows the WaterCourse Spring to be installed through a liner and reduce the risk of leaks.

    • Flow rates up to 34,000 L/ph
    • Flanged Rear Mounting
    • 3" Threaded Inlet
    • Manufactured from reinforced polypropylene
    • Crush proof by design
    • W100cm x D43cm x H25cm
  • QTY

    £291.60 inc. VAT

    £243.00 exc. VAT

WaterCourse Spring 35000

  • £291.60 inc. VAT

    £243.00 exc. VAT

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