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Copper Water Features

Copper water features are a wonderful addition to virtually any indoor or outdoor setting.  Copper is highly malleable so can be formed into intricate shapes and ages beautifully in the elements.  Over time, copper will patina if left untreated, producing green/blue hues.  Care should be taken if installing a copper water feature in a decorative pond as copper can leach into the water and can be harmful to sensitive fish species and invertebrates so, if installing into a pond, ensure this is devoid of fish and aquatic life.  For more information, visit our website at or give us a call.



Our Copper Weeping Willow water sculptures are painstakingly hand-made by skilled craftsmen.    Each tree stands around 115cm tall and water emanates from each branch creating a soothing water sound.  The tree can be mounted in a pond if desired (without fish) or can be mounted onto a below-ground reservoir and support grid to create a stand-alone water feature, virtually anywhere.  The feature is supplied with a submersible pump which passes the water though the trunk to each branch and then recirculates.

Copper Willow Tree with Copper Pond

Water Garden Ltd also provide a copper weeping willow tree with a hand-beaten copper bowl which can be placed onto any hard surface to create a stunning water display, indoors or out.  The copper bowl measures a generous 95cm diameter and the tree sculpture creates a beautiful sound as the water droplets cascade down into the bowl.  Supplemental submersible spotlights can also be added to illuminate the sculpture into the evening. 

Our copper bowls are an excellent way of introducing water into the home or garden.  The bowls can be set to gently flow over the perimeter, flowing down the bowl and the feature can be illuminated using our special warm white ring light which sits snuggly in the centre of the bowl itself.

Copper Water Spout

We also provide copper water spouts in four different styles.  Water can be pumped up to the spout which escapes out in a shute of water, creating a gentle cascade.  Multiple spouts can be used in a wall if desired and Water Garden Ltd also offer a hidden warm white LED light which integrates at the rear of the spout to gently illuminate the falling sheet of water.

Copper pedestals can also be used with our water bowls to increase the elevation of the bowl or to allow one bowl to cascade into another to wonderful effect. Copper Bowl Image 2


For more details, visit our Water Features department or call on 02392 373735 for expert assistance.

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