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Dancing Water Fountains

If you’ve ever visited Dubai, Singapore or Las Vegas, chances are you’ve visited one of the numerous dancing water shows on offer.  These highly entertaining displays capture the imagination and can be truly spectacular.  Here at Water Garden HQ, we are often asked the question;  “Is it possible to create dancing water displays in the garden?”

Commercial dancing water displays such as the Fountains of Bellagio are hugely expensive and also require specialist programming which is beyond the realms of most budgets.  However, in recent years, there are now products which the homeowner can utilise to create their own smaller-scale dancing features at a fraction of the costs.  We have listed some of the options available today and these can be individually or collectively used to create stunning and unique water displays in virtually any outdoor setting.

Rainbow Star


These special water jets create arcs of leaping water cylinders which are then illuminated.  A high speed ‘cutter’ is built into the head which ‘slices’ the arching water into segments, creating leaping water jets.  Two heads can be controlled via the special controller and are sequenced to fire together.  The Rainbow Star can be used in linked water reservoirs or pools and ponds.

Water Jet Lightning

Water Jet Lightning

The baby sister of the Rainbow Star, the Water Jet Lightning package consists of two water jet heads, pumps and controller.  The heads eject a constant laminar water arch and feature built-in LED lighting which will carry up the water streams.

Water Trio


The Water Trio has 3 built-in vertical water jets and the controller allows you to select from various pre-set programs.  The casing can be removed and the small pumps separated from one another if desired.

Water Quintet

Water Quintet

The Water Quintet offers the same functionality as the Water Trio but with 5 water jets.  Both the Water Trio and Water Quintet can be mounted on top of a suitable water reservoir or into a pond.

Pond Jet Floating Fountain

Floating Fountain

The hugely popular OASE Pond-Jet Eco Floating Fountain is ideal for ponds or lakes with a depth of 1 metre or greater, as this floats on the water surface.

The newly designed pump now features a ‘Dancing Mode’ toggle switch which, when set to the ‘On’ position, will run through a repeating 5 minute dancing program, with the water display elegantly rising and falling.

In the ‘Off’ position, the built-in water display will create a 12 jet, 3m tall, 3m diameter static water display and looks stunning with either Warm White LED or Colour Changing RGB lighting options.



Aquarius Eco Expert Fountain Pumps

Spray bar - concept 006

The new Aquarius Eco Expert pumps really open out the options for dancing water displays.  Our range of Fountain Nozzles can be directly coupled to the top of the pump or to our Fountain Spray Rings and Spray Bars to create multiple jet displays.  The Aquarius pump has a microprocessor built in, allowing the user to select one of 12 dancing modes when using the EGC Cloud Smart Controller.  Furthermore, up to 10 Aquarius Pumps can be linked together to create highly impressive water displays without the need for specialist programming.

For the moment, it is not possible for the above equipment to dance to music (this would require more specialist technical equipment and DMX programming) but the use of RGB Smart Spotlights is a good consideration as the Smart Lights can change colour to music tempo via the Smartphone App.

Would you like dancing water in your garden?  Contact the team at Water Garden Ltd for expert advice.

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