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It is often said that choosing an appropriate pond filter is a minefield when shopping online, and if you are looking to purchase your first pond filter, it can be difficult to know where to start. Our Pond Filter Wizard uses the key pieces of information required to select a filter correctly, and directs you toward to most appropriate product to meet your needs regarding filtration capability and installation type. Pond Filter Wizard uses the information you provide about your pond, via a series of multiple-choice questions, to intelligently select an appropriate pond filter or filter, pump and UV set for your pond.

You can find the Pond Filter Wizard HERE, or at the top of our Pond Filters category webpage.


How to use the Pond Filter Wizard. 

Pond Size?

The Pond Filter Wizard first requires some information in order to determine the volume of water in the pond. If the pond volume is already known to you, you can select one of 3 pond size categories that the water volume best fits; small ponds (up to 7,500 litres), medium ponds (between 7,500 litres and 60,000 litres) and large ponds (exceeding 60,000 litres). If this information is not known, measure the pond length, width and depth and use the pond volume calculator to find out your approximate pond volume.Pond Filter Wizard Pond Size

Pond Water Volume?

After the sizing stage, the water volume can be narrowed down to a more accurate figure with some further selectable volume options with lesser 1,500 litre incremental differences.Pond Filter Wizard Pond Volume

Ponds Over 60,000 Litres.

If the pond exceeds 60,000 litres, the Pond Filter Wizard will not offer a filter suggestion and will instead prompt you to contact us for a more in-depth discussion regarding the requirement. This is to be sure that any complexities around the installation of larger, modular filter systems such as bottom drains and waste pipe routing are considered and planned for in advance of purchasing the filter system.Pond Filter Wizard Call Us

Pond Volume Calculator.

If the pond volume is not yet known to you, the Pond Filter Wizard can calculate this for you using the pond measurements you provide (Length, Width and Depth) to arrive at a volume of water in litres. The Wizard can use imperial measurements in feet, or metric in metres to calculate a pond volume. Once you have calculated your pond volume in litres, you can then proceed to follow the steps above using this information.Pond Filter Wizard Volume Calculator


Once the water volume has been established, the next question the Pond Filter Wizard will ask you is what fish you have, or intend to put in the pond. Again, you will be asked to choose from 3 possible scenarios; either no fish at all, small fish such as Goldfish, or larger fish including Koi Carp. If a mixed pond including both Goldfish and Koi Carp is the case, you should allow for the largest fish type and select this option. This information, combined with the water volume will determine the rate of whole volume circulation required through the filtration system, and it also determines the power of the UV light required.Pond Filter Wizard Fish Stock

Pond Filter or Filter Pump and UV Set?

At this stage, the possible filter options are already narrowed down from a wide range of options, to a select few systems that would sufficiently filter the pond in question. The Pond Filter Wizard will then ask you if you need a pond filter only (no pump or UV), or a pond filter set which consists of a pond filter, pond filter pump and an ultraviolet clarifier. If you are starting from scratch and have no existing equipment, or wish to upgrade your whole system, you should select the ‘set’ option. Alternatively, if you already have a suitable pond filter pump and ultraviolet clarifier, you can select ‘I just need the filter’ which will instruct the Pond Filter Wizard to only suggest a filter, rather than a complete package filter set.Pond Filter Wizard Filter or Set

Submersible or Externally Mounted?

In the case of smaller ponds, you may be asked if you would prefer a submersible in-pond filter or an external filter. This is because ponds of a lesser volume or without large fish are sometimes within the filtration capability of a submersible pond filter. In the case that your pond volume and/or fish stock extends beyond the capability of a submersible pond filter, the Pond Filter Wizard may not ask this particular question, or may suggest that multiple submersible filter units are required.Pond Filter Wizard Submersible or External

Filter Return Water?

Next may come a question regarding the intended installation of the filter. Assuming that you already have a location in mind where the filter will be installed, the Pond Filter Wizard may ask you whether the returning water need to be elevated above the pond water level (to a raised stream for example), or can return straight or downhill after the filter, returning over the edge of the pond. This is to determine whether a pressurised filter, or a gravity return flow through filter would suit the application better. If your requirement exceeds the capability of a pressure filter, the Pond Filter Wizard may suggest that 2 pressure filters are used.Pond Filter Wizard Uphill or Downhill


In some cases, there will be more than one appropriate filter for your pond. This may be where we can offer a high end, top quality filtration system with premium features and lengthy guarantees, but also offer a less sophisticated, but more cost effective alternative filter that would also be well equipped to filter your pond. In this scenario, you may be asked whether your budget is limited, so as to avoid the premium product if a less costly system is most important, or direct you toward the higher end system if you value quality over cost and can afford to invest more into your pond and pond filtration system.Pond Filter Wizard Budget

Product Recommendation.

After you’ve completed the short questionnaire, the Pond Filter Wizard will have worked its magic and a filter suggestion will be ready to view. Once you submit your results you will be redirected to the most appropriate product based on your stated requirements where more information can be found.Pond Filter Wizard EndPond Filter Wizard Suggested ProductPond Filter Wizard BioPress

Automated Cleaning?

As you progress through the Pond Filter Wizard and more information becomes apparent, the nature of the questions may change. For example, in the case of a more sizeable fish pond, it may be that only larger flow through filters are appropriate. In this case, questions will be geared around the operational workings of the filter and your preference when it comes to maintenance. You may be asked whether you require fully automated filter cleaning, which the ProfiClear Premium Drum Filters provide, or a semi-automated, part manual cleaning system which would be favouring the BioTec ScreenMatic Filters.Pond Filter Wizard Automated Cleaning

Self-Cleaning or Manual Cleaning?

For mid-sized ponds where a flow through filter is seemingly most appropriate, you may be asked whether you would prefer a self-cleaning filter, or a filter that has no self-cleaning functionality and requires manual cleaning, which would be leaning toward either a FiltoMatic Filter, or a BioSmart Filter, depending on your preference. Keep in mind that although self-cleaning filters make life easier for the user, these tend to come at a higher cost due to the advanced technological aspects of the system.Pond Filter Wizard Self Clean or Manual

Two Filters.

In some scenarios, only a pressurised filter would work adequately, but the pond size and fish stocking situation may be beyond the capability of a single pressurised filter. On occasions such as this, the Pond Filter Wizard may suggest that 2 matching pressurised pond filters are installed, which effectively doubles the filtration potential.Pond Filter Wizard 2 FiltersPond Filter Wizard FiltoClear

We hope that Pond Filter Wizard makes selecting a suitable pond filter a simpler task. However, if in any doubt, please feel free to Contact Us for further advice.

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