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New Fountains for Pond, Garden & Commercial water displays.

Water Garden have now released a new range of fountain nozzles, providing sylish water displays in garden ponds, lakes, commercial installations and private water features.

Fountain Nozzles and water jets  Fountain Spray Rings

The whole process of selecting the right water display has been simplified – simply click on the fountain nozzle display which best suits your needs.  Each specific nozzle has a list of recommended pumps to achieve the desired fountain display height.  As always, Water Garden’s technical team can assist you in selecting the right equipment for your needs – just call on 02392 373735 or email for assistance.

In addition to the range of fountain nozzles and floating fountains on offer, Water Garden can also provide decorative Fountain Spray Rings.  These specially constructed stainless steel rings use multiple water jets to create a stunning range of circular water displays.  Each nozzle can be adjusted to alter the angle of the water jet, allowing the user to create various displays (such as a domed drop patterns, vertical water jets  or a ‘basket weave’ display).  Additional spray rings of various diameters can be used to create further dramatic water patterns.  Strategic use of submersed lighting is an ideal way of extending the enjoyment of these water displays.

The 300mm, 750mm & 1200mm diameter fountain spray rings can be fitted onto our below-ground water reservoirs creating a dramatic self-contained garden water feature.

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