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  • ProfiLux Garden LED RGB Spotlight Set

  • The OASE ProfiLux Garden LED RGB is the latest in controllable coloured LED lighting system technology for pond and garden. This compact multi-coloured LED spotlight provides colour-diverse illumination for the garden and is also suitable for underwater application in ponds and water features down to a depth of 4 metres (including the 24V transformer).

    The ProfiLux LED RGB Sets combine the ProfiLux LED RGB spotlight systems with the InScenio FM Master Easy WLAN Garden Control (EGC) Wi-Fi management system. Using a special DMX-RDM information cable, this system allows the ProfiLux RGB LED lights to be switched and controlled via a smart phone or tablet. The FM Master WLAN EGC device also allows for the connection and control of further outdoor devices, all via the OASE FM-Master WLAN App.

    Each spotlight is wired with 5 metres of low voltage cable. This can be extended if necessary with the use of optional 7.5m Waterproof Extension Cables. For ProfiLux LED RGB sets 2 and 3, additional ProfiLux LED RGB Spot Lights can be added after installation (a maximum of 4 per transformer).

    ProfiLux Garden LED RGB Light Sets are available in sets of 2, 3 or 4 spotlights. Sets include:

    • OASE Profi Lux RGB LED Spot Lights (2, 3 or 4 units) each with 5m cable and ground stake.
    • 1 x OASE InScenio FM Master WLAN EGC ‘Easy Garden Control’ System.
    • 1 x 24 Volt Underwater Transformer/Power Supply with 4 lighting connections.
    • 1 x FM Master WLAN EGC 10 Metre DMX-RDM Connecting Cable.
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OASE ProfiLux Garden LED RGB Spotlight Sets - Key Product Features.

Bright Illumination

Submersible System

Full Control via OASE App.

Smart Controls





The ProfiLux LED RGB produce bright LED lighting in a wide range of  fixed colours and colour changing sequences. These LED lights can be used to spot light individual features, or be grouped in synchronisation to illuminate larger areas and features.

The ProfiLux LED RGB is suitable for installation underwater down to 4 metres water depth, including the 24 volt transformer! These RGB LED lights can also be installed on dry land and come supplied with a mounting spike for staking in soft ground.

With the InScenio OASE FM-Master EGC, colour selection and control of the lighting is done with the use of a smart phone or tablet. This simplifies control for the user and eliminates the need for remote controls and complex programming systems.

The FM Master WLAN Easy Garden Control allows numerous additional devices such as pumps, fountains and additional lighting systems to be switched, timed and controlled from the same smart device, all on the same easy to use OASE App.

Flexible Mounting

Floating Fountain RGB Set

Extendable Cables

OASE ‘EGC’ Technology





The ProfiLux Garden LED RGB lights can be installed in a free-standing position under the water or on dry land, staked into soft ground with the supplied spike, or mounted onto Aquarius Fountain Set OASE fountain nozzle risers with the special mounting plate and bracket.

This innovative OASE LED RGB system has also been produced as a packaged set for the OASE Pond Jet ECO Floating Fountain. The Pond Jet Light Set contains 3 x ProfiLux RGB lights, transformer, FM-Master WLAN EGC, 20 metre EGC Cable and Brackets.

The ProfiLux Garden LED RGB lights are supplied with 5 metres of power cable for connection to the 24 volt underwater transformer. These cables can be extended up to 12.5 metres long per spotlight if required, with the use of additional 7.5m long special ProfiLux Extension Cables .

OASE Easy Garden Control is a new operating system for pond and garden, that originates from the commercial OASE Fountain Technology ranges. DMX-RDM has now been simplified and introduced into the garden, opening up this exiting new power control system to everyone!

Additional Information

Technical Info

Technical Info

ProfiLux Garden LED RGB

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

ProfiLux Garden LED RGB Light Fixture

Dimensions Light FixtureDiameter 80mm x Height 117mm
Number of Light Fixtures234
Rated Voltage Light Light Fixtures24V DC
Protection Class Light FixturesIP 68 (Fully Submersible to 4 metres)
Power Consumption per Light Fixture6 watts
Power Consumption (Set)12 watts18 watts24 watts
Cable Length Light Fixtures5 metres
Net Weight Light Fixtures0.6 kg
Guarantee Light Fixtures2 + 1 years (2 years with 1 year free extension)
Connection for EGCYes
Illuminant Type Light FixturesLED
Number of LED per Light Fixture3
LED Light Colour RGB (Red, Green, Blue)
Light Flux (all LED on)213 lumens
Light Flux Red LED64 lumens
Light Flux Green LED114 lumens
Light Flux Blue LED35 lumens
Half Peak Beam Angle Light Fixture25 degrees

24 Volt ProfiLux LED RGB Transformer

Dimensions Transformer 
Rated Voltage Transformer230V / 50Hz - 24V DC
Protection Class TransformerIP 68 (Fully Submersible to 4 metres)
Cable Length Transformer 
Net Weight Transformer 
Guarantee Transformer2 + 1 years (2 years with 1 year free extension)
Connection for EGC TransformerYes

EGC Connection Cable

EGC Cable Length WLAN to Transformer10 metres
EGC Cable Cross Section0.22mm²
EGC Cable Protection Class IP 68 (Fully Submersible to 4 metres)
EGC Cable Net Weight1.29 kg

InScenio FM Master WLAN Easy Garden Control (EGC)

Dimensions FM Master WLAN EGCLength 215mm x Width 155mm x Height 295mm
Rated Voltage FM Master WLAN EGC220-240V / 50Hz
Maximum Total Power Load FM Master WLAN EGC3600 watts
Maximum Total Load Current FM Master WLAN EGC16 amps
Net Weight FM Master WLAN EGC2 kg
Guarantee FM Master WLAN EGC2 + 1 years (2 years with 1 year free extension)
Radio Range (433 MHz) Maximum80 metres
WLAN Range (2.4GHz) Maximum80 metres
Connection ECGYes - 1 x DMX/RDM Outlet
Network SuitabilityRouter / Cloud
WLAN HotspotYes
Number of On/Off Power Outlets3 x 220-240 V
Timer OptionYes - Every Power Outlet
Maximum Load per On/Off Outlet2000 watts
Number of Variable Speed Outlets1 x 220-240 V
Maximum Load Variable Speed Outlet320 watts


ProfiLux Garden LED RGB Spotlight Set

  • £1,179.60 inc. VAT

    £983.00 exc. VAT

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