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Pond Pumps – wading through the jargon!

Choosing the correct pump for your pond can be a daunting task, with so many pump styles and models on the market.  Here at Water Garden Ltd, we thought we’d explain the jargon in a little more detail to help you make a more informed choice.

Filter Pumps.  The term suggests that the pond pump is somehow filtering the pond water.  In actual fact, a filter pump (correctly termed ‘solids-handling’ pump), is designed to move pond waste to a separate mechanical and biological filter.  The pump is usually submersed directly onto the pond floor and the large holes on the pump shell will allow solid waste to be sucked up and passed on to a pond filter.  It is very important to use the right pump for the task in hand – there’s no point in using a pump with small holes as this will block up with pond debris, whilst the filter remains clean!  OASE are the leading manufacturer of true solids-handling filter pumps and have just released their innovative Aquamax Eco Premium range.  These are incredibly energy efficient and designed to tackle pond waste, 24 hours a day.

Fountain Pumps.  If you looking to create a decorative fountain display, then a good quality fountain pump is required.  A fountain pump is fundamentally different to a filter pump in that the outer shell has lots of small holes, designed to stop pond debris from blocking the fountain nozzle.  Look for a fountain pump which does not contain a sponge, as these have a habit of blocking up with pond debris and require frequent cleaning.  OASE provide an excellent solution with their Aquarius Fountain Pumps.  Water Garden Ltd also offer a wide selection of decorative Fountain Nozzles, which can be added to the pump outlet to create wonderful water displays.

Watercourse & Water Feature pumps.  If you are planning to incorporate a decorative stream, water feature, waterfall or cascade into the pond, the choice of pump is much more open.  The Aquamax Eco Premium or Aquamax Eco Classic Filter pump, Aquarius Universal or Aquarius Fountain pumps can be used, as well as lower cost pump alternatives.  It is important to be aware that as you push water uphill and through a flexible hose, some of the original water flow will be lost.  If you need help, do let us know and we’ll perform all the calculations for you.

Solar Powered Pumps.  If connecting a pump to mains electricity is not an option, then a solar pond pump may prove to be a solid investment.   Solar power has come a long way in the last few years, becoming more affordable and most importantly, more suited to somewhat variable UK weather conditions.!  Some of our Solar Pumps can be optimally matched and directly connected to suitable Solar Panels.  Furthermore, Water Garden Ltd can provide options for storing the solar energy for use when you need it.

At Water Garden Ltd, we are more than happy to guide you through the right pump options for your pond.  Feel free to email us or call on 02392 373735 – our experts are here to help!

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