Is a pond filter really necessary?

Is a pond filter really necessary?

Here at Water Garden Ltd, we are often asked as to whether the client needs a filter for their pond.  Whilst almost all ponds will benefit from using a pond filter, it certainly isn’t an absolute necessity in every instance. 

Small dipping ponds and wildlife ponds may be being used to attract all kinds of mini-beasts and it may not matter to the owner if the water turns green or murky.  Larger ponds can be heavily planted and this will help to reduce nutrients and will keep the water reasonably clear if the ecosystem is in balance.  Seasonal fluctuations may lead to algae bloom but this often doesn’t create long term damage and is more of an aesthetic issue, so a pond filter is not really a must-have for every cicumstance.

For many pond owners, a murky or green pond is the last thing on the wish list so this is the time to consider a pond filter.  Fish and Koi Carp will also benefit from filtration due to the waste produced which would otherwise create toxins, algae bloom, duckweed and water chemistry issues.

In conclusion;  If you are happy for a wildlife pond to run through its seasonal cycle and can accept green or murky water, then a pond filter may not be necessary (but aquatic planting should be considered).  If you prefer clearer water and/or are looking to introduce fish, Koi Carp or other aquatic life such as wildfowl, a filter should certainly be considered.

If you need help selecting a suitable Pond Filter or would like to discuss whether you require one or not, give our friendly team of experts a call on 02392 373735.

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