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What Thickness of Pond Liner Do I Need?

Choosing the right material to line your pond, lake or water feature is very important as lots of work goes into the excavation so you should use a pond liner which is designed to give years of trouble-free use.

For small ponds, garden water features and when on a restricted budget, PVC Pond Liner is an excellent choice.  This cost-effective material is 0.5mm thick and carries long guarantees.

For medium and large ponds, GreenSeal EPDM rubber liner is the very best choice.  GreenSeal EPDM is available in 0.75mm and 1.00mm thickness and is very easy to manipulate, please and fold.  EPDM also has excellent stretch characteristics and carries very long guarantee periods.

For larger ponds/small lakes, we would suggest using the 1.00mm EDPM which is available in single sheet sizes up to 35m x 40m.  Beyond these dimensions, Firestone EPDM liners are usually used and welded on-site by Firestone trained installers.

We highly recommend installing a puncture resistant, heavy duty protective Pond Underlay to ensure the pond liner above is not ruptured over the years by stone or roots beneath.

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