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  • 1HP Sub Surface Horizontal Aspirator

  • The 1HP Sub Surface Aspirator is designed to inject oxygen into effluent, brackish and high nutrient lake water bodies to dramatically improve aeration and circulation. The 1HP Aspirator features a floating venturi air hose that pulls oxygen from the water surface to be mixed within the pump chamber and released into the water column. The Sub Surface Aspirators are perfect for areas that need aeration but no surface spray is desired.

    The powerful 1 horsepower Aspirator motor is manufactured from high strength, industrial grade 18 gauge 316L stainless steel that is oil cooled and custom built to be as efficient as possible. The unit features a precision pitched stainless steel impeller that is virtually indestructible and a 316L stainless steel cage to block large debris from entering the pumping chamber.  The 1HP unit features adjustable brackets that allow you to control the angle at which the current is released into the water column.

    The 1HP Aspirator is highly energy efficient with a max power draw of 1679 watts and will influence an area of approximately 5,352m3 and is designed to work at a minimum depth of 0.76m (2.5ft)

    Water Garden Ltd provides a complete and comprehensive 1HP Sub Surface Apirator system, consisting of the following equipment:

    • 1 x Sub Surface 1HP / Single Phase / 230V Motor assembly
    • High strength protective pump cage with protective arms
    • 1 x Sub Surface Aspirator Pump Chamber
    • 1 x Venturi Air Line
    • 30m (98ft) x 3 core 4mm2 Submersible Power Cable
    • 1 x Submersible Cable Joint Kit.

    Please allow around 7-10 working days for construction.

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    £8,394.00 inc. VAT

    £6,995.00 exc. VAT


Sub Surface 1HP Horizontal Aspirator Specifications:

3 Year Otterbine Warranty

Minimum Operating Depth: 76cm (2.5ft)

Sub Triton Aspirator Tech Spec

1HP Sub Surface Horizontal Aspirator

  • £8,394.00 inc. VAT

    £6,995.00 exc. VAT

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