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  • 60cm Diffused Aeration Ring

  • The OASE Diffused Aeration Ring is a weighted porous air hose assembly, designed for connection to a suitable pond air pump.  The curtain of air bubbles produced will aid water circulation and increase dissolved oxygen content in pond and lake water.

    The Aeration Ring is supplied with 5 metres of 8mm ID Air Hose and threaded adaptor allowing connection of 4mm or 8mm internal diameter airline.

    • Aeration Ring Diameter: 60cm
    • Porous Air Line Diameter:  8mm internal / 25mm external
    • Supplied with 5m x 8mm ID Air Hose
    • Supplied adaptor can accept 4mm and 8mm Hoses
    • Recommended Air Flow Rate:  5000 - 7500 Litres/Hour
    • Recommended Air Pump:  AquaOxy 5000 / AquaOxy 7500
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    £99.60 inc. VAT

    £83.00 exc. VAT

  • Pay in 3 interest free payments of £33.20

60cm Diffused Aeration Ring

  • £99.60 inc. VAT

    £83.00 exc. VAT

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