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  • BioTec ScreenMatic 90000 Pond Filter

  • The OASE BioTec ScreenMatic² 90000 is an innovative auto-cleaning filtration system for both ornamental ponds and fish ponds alike. The filtration system operates using a rotating screen belt which intercepts solid waste upon entry and transfers this to a collection tray when filled. Waste levels are measured by a sensor bar which engages a cleaning cycle when the sieve screen belt is sufficiently filled with waste, the sensor bar position can be adjusted to suit the flow rate from different pumps and regulate the amount of waste intercepted before self-cleaning. Beneath the screen mechanism are a series of 16 filter sponges in 3 different grades of coarseness, these provide excellent biological filtration after the mechanical extraction, removing harmful soluble waste product. Water is also passed through Zeolite media in the front chamber which collects waste and nutrient in solution before water is returned to the pond.

    • For Wildlife ponds up to 90,000L, Goldfish ponds up to 45,000L, Koi ponds up to 22,500L.
    • Automatic cleaning functions with digital LED control panel and 300 micron mesh screen.
    • Huge surface area biological filtration with 16 sponges; 4 Blue coarse, 6 Purple medium, 6 Red fine.
    • Simple filter sponge cleaning with compression handle and filter bottom drain with slide gate.
    • 5kg of natural Zeolite binds unwanted nutrients and gases. Everlasting media recharges in salt water.
    • Large (DN) 100mm drain outlet allow a high rate of water turnover through the filtration system.
    • Recommended pump AquaMax Eco Premium 20000 and suggested UV Bitron 110C (not supplied).


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BioTec ScreenMatic² 90000 Pond Filter

The OASE BioTec ScreenMatic² 90000 is an intelligent, flow-through pond filter that provides automated mechanical waste removal and biological filtration. The water enters the filter via a flow spreader onto a 300 micron fabric belt which strains out solid waste particles. When sufficiently soiled, a sensor engages the motor which performs a cleaning cycle, transferring the accumulated waste into a collection tray below the screen. The control display also allows instant cleaning cycles at the press of a button. The waste sensor can be adjusted backward and forward to alter cleaning regularity based on waste accumulation. A cleaning brush is supplied to keep the fabric screen free of entrapped dirt.

After mechanical straining, water enters the the biological media, a series of 16 large filter sponges differing in coarseness. The blue foams are rough, violet are medium fine and red are very fine grade. These sponges provide an abundance of surface housing for aerobic bacteria to populate and breakdown soluble waste pollutants. Cleaning the foams is made easy by the compression handle used to push down on the foams to release any build up of organic waste. Water is then directed through cartridges containing 5kg of granulate media (zeolite) which bind unwanted nutrients and trace ammonia before returning water to the pond.

Key Features

Auto Clean Screen

Triple Grade Foams

Waste Level Sensor

Easy Cleaning

clean screen

filter foams

waste sensor

foam cleaning

The screen drive mechanism provides a constant offloading of intercepted organic waste into a collection tray beneath.

The filter sponges are arranged in 3 grades of coarseness providing excellent particle extraction and biological housing.

The waste sensor will detect when there is sufficient waste build up on the screen and engage cleaning cycles automatically.

Each filter foam is mounted on a support from which it can be compressed using the supplied cleaning handle.

Collection Tray

300 Micron Belt

Cleaning Brush

Lid Locking Clips

collection tray

fabric belt

cleaning brush

locking clips

The large collection tray stores solid waste products intercepted by the screen and is easily removed for emptying.

The fabric screen belt will intercept particles as small as 300 micron which allows the foam media to perform primarily as biomedia.

The supplied cleaning brush enables the screen to be gently cleared of debris without the risk of tear or abrasion.

The simple addition of robust locking clips on the lid prevents the lid being unintentionally dislodged or blown off in strong winds.


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